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Python Machine Learning Blueprints
Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell
D3.js in Action, Second Edition
D3.js in Motion
Get Programming with JavaScript
Getting Started with TeamCity


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Free Python Machine Learning Blueprints Intuitive data projects you can relate to

Python Machine Learning Blueprints Free Packt eBook by Alexander T. Combs (valid through 9/20 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Machine Learning, Python.

Publisher’s Description

Machine Learning is transforming the way we understand and interact with the world around us. But how much do you really understand it? How confident are you interacting with the tools and models that drive it?

Python Machine Learning Blueprints puts your skills and knowledge to the test, guiding you through the development of some awesome machine learning applications and algorithms with real-world examples that demonstrate how to put concepts into practice.

You’ll learn how to use cluster techniques to discover bargain air fares, and apply linear regression to find yourself a cheap apartment – and much more. Everything you learn is backed by a real-world example, whether its data manipulation or statistical modelling.

That way you’re never left floundering in theory – you’ll be simply collecting and analyzing data in a way that makes a real impact.

What You Will Learn

Explore and use Python’s impressive machine learning ecosystem Successfully evaluate and apply the most effective models to problems Learn the fundamentals of NLP - and put them into practice Visualize data for maximum impact and clarity Deploy machine learning models using third party APIs Get to grips with feature engineering

About the Author

Alexander T. Combs is an experienced data scientist, strategist, and developer with a background in financial data extraction, natural language processing and generation, and quantitative and statistical modeling. He is currently a full-time lead instructor for a data science immersive program in New York City.

$9.99 Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell Awareness and Compliance for Financial Personnel and Business Managers

Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell $9.99 Apress eBook by Kevin Sullivan. This book covers Anti-Money Laundering.

Publisher’s Description

Anti–Money Laundering in a Nutshellis a concise, accessible, and practical guide to compliance with anti–money laundering law for financial professionals, corporate investigators, business managers, and all personnel of financial institutions who are required, under penalty of hefty fines, to get anti–money laundering training.

Money laundering is endemic. As much as 5 percent of global GDP ($3.6 trillion) is laundered by criminals each year. It’s no wonder that every financial institution in the United States—including banks, credit card companies, insurers, securities brokerages, private funds, and money service businesses—must comply with complex examination, training, and reporting requirements mandated by a welter of federal anti–money laundering (AML) laws. Ignorance of crime is no excuse before the law. Financial institutions and businesses that unknowingly serve as conduits for money laundering are no less liable to prosecution and fines than those that condone or abet it.

In Anti–Money Laundering in a Nutshell: Awareness and Compliance for Financial Personnel and Business Managers, Kevin Sullivan draws on a distinguished career as an AML agent and consultant to teach personnel in financial institutions what money laundering is, who does it, how they do it, how to prevent it, how to detect it, and how to report it in compliance with federal law. He traces the dynamic interplay among employees, regulatory examiners, compliance officers, fraud and forensic accountants and technologists, criminal investigators, and prosecutors in following up on reports, catching launderers, and protecting the integrity and reputations of financial institutions and businesses. In particular, corporate investigators will gain rich insights winnowed from the author’s experiences as a New York State and federal investigator.

About the authors

Kevin Sullivan is the director of the Anti–Money Laundering (AML) Training Academy, which provides AML, BSA, and compliance training, AML consulting, and AML independent reviews. He was the New York State money laundering investigations coordinator of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) El Dorado Federal Task Force (NY/NJ HIFCA) in Manhattan. Sullivan’s responsibilities included case reverse-engineering, SAR review and analysis, and special projects developing intelligence on emerging money-laundering threats, trends, and patterns. He was first exposed to money laundering while a New York State Police investigator on an undercover narcotics detail. He was subsequently detailed to a money laundering and financial crimes unit of the FBI White Collar Crimes Task Force. Sullivan was a lead instructor for ICE’s Operation Cornerstone, which assisted financial institutions with their AML and BSA compliance programs and provided a liaison between private financial institutions and law enforcement. Sullivan holds a master’s degree in economic crime management from Utica College of Syracuse University and a certificate in executive management from Cornell University. He is a Certified Anti–Money Laundering Specialist, a founding member and past president of the NY Chapter of the Association of Certified Anti–Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), the Chairman of the ACAMS Education Task Force, and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Experts. He is an adjunct professor at Utica College, an ACAMS instructor, a frequent speaker on AML at seminars, conferences, and webinars, and an expert commentator on money laundering in national magazines and television.

50% off D3.js in Action, Second Edition Data visualization with JavaScript

D3.js in Action, Second Edition 50% off Manning’s eBook by Elijah Meeks. This book covers d3.js v4, Data Visualization, ES6.

Publisher’s Description

D3.js is a JavaScript library that allows data to be represented graphically. D3 allows you to create scalable graphs for any modern browser. You start with a structure, dataset, or algorithm and programmatically generate static, interactive, or animated images that responsively scale to any screen.

D3.js in Action, Second Edition is completely revised and updated for D3 v4 and ES6. It’s a practical tutorial for creating interactive graphics and data-driven applications using D3. It includes instructions on how to use D3 modules with npm, as well as how to integrate D3 with modern MVC frameworks like React.js. You’ll start with in-depth explanations of D3’s out-of-the-box layouts, along with dozens of real-world use cases that align with different types of visualizations. Then, you’ll explore techniques for content creation, animation, and representing dynamic data including interactive graphics and data streamed live over the web. The final chapters show you how to use more complex D3 functionality to improve performance and build a complete web application. By the end, you’ll be ready to integrate D3.js into your web development process and add data visualization to transform any site or internal application.

What’s inside

  • Updated for D3 v4 and ES6
  • Interacting with vector graphics
  • Expressive data visualization
  • Creating rich mapping applications
  • Prepping your data
  • Complete data-driven web apps in D3

About the reader

Readers need basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. No experience with D3 or SVG is required.

About the author

Elijah Meeks is a senior data visualization engineer at Netflix. His D3.js portfolio includes work at Stanford University and with well-known companies worldwide.


An eBook copy of the previous edition, D3.js in Action (First Edition), is included at no additional cost. It will be automatically added to your Manning Bookshelf within 24 hours of purchase.

50% off D3.js in Motion

D3.js in Motion 50% off Manning’s video by Curran Kelleher. This video covers D3.js, Data Visualization, JavaScript.

Publisher’s Description

See it. Do it. Learn it! D3.js in Motion introduces you to the powerful D3 JavaScript library and teaches you how to use it to create amazing data visualizations for the web. You’ll learn through bite-sized video lessons and built-in exercises, so you can put what you learn into practice.

D3.js in Motion teaches you to transform your boring data into a variety of engaging and interactive graphs and charts. You’ll start with an introduction to the world of D3 and data visualization by plotting simple data sets onto charts. In each lesson you’ll dig deeper, turning your data into readable graphical representations like scatter plots, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and more. Along the way, you’ll discover how to create a fully interactive dashboard featuring multiple visualizations that pan, zoom, and interact with each other!

About the subject

Used by thousands of websites the world over, D3 is a JavaScript library that represents data graphically. D3 makes it easy to create dynamic, interactive visualisations for the web. You start with a structure, dataset, or algorithm and then programmatically generate static, animated, and interactive images that scale to any screen.


This course is perfect for developers with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. No experience with D3 is required.

What you will learn

  • A tour of D3’s features and abilities
  • Constructing your own custom visualizations tailored to your data
  • How to make scatter plots, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and more
  • Patterns for creating reusable interactive visualization components
  • Interactions including hovering, clicking, zooming, panning, and brushing
  • Building fully-interactive dashboards

About the instructor

Curran Kelleher specializes in using and teaching D3.js. He has been working in the field of data visualization since 2005, and is fascinated by techniques for the visual presentation of data.

50% off Get Programming with JavaScript

Get Programming with JavaScript 50% off Manning’s eBook by John Larsen with foreword by Remy Sharp. This book covers JavaScript.

Publisher’s Description

Get Programming with JavaScript is a hands-on introduction to programming for readers who have never programmed. You’ll be writing your own web apps, games, and programs in no time!

About the book

Are you ready to start writing your own web apps, games, and programs? You’re in the right place! Get Programming with JavaScript is a hands-on introduction to programming for readers who have never written a line of code. Since you’re just getting started, this friendly book offers you lots of examples backed by careful explanations. As you go along, you?ll find exercises to check your understanding and plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills. You don’t need anything special to follow the examples – just the text editor and web browser already installed on your computer. We even give you links to working online code so you can see how everything should look live on your screen.

What’s inside

  • All the basics – objects, functions, responding to users, and more
  • Think like a coder and design your own programs
  • Create a text-based adventure game
  • Enhance web pages with JavaScript
  • Run your programs in a web browser
  • Four bonus chapters available online

About the reader

No experience required! All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

About the author

John Larsen is a mathematics and computing teacher with an interest in educational research. He has an MA in mathematics and an MSc in information technology. He started programming in 1982, writing simple programs for teaching mathematics in 1993, building websites in 2001, and developing data-driven web-based applications for education in 2006.

Free Getting Started with TeamCity

Getting Started with TeamCity Free Pluralsight course (one week) by Wes Higbee. This course covers TeamCity, DevOps.

Publisher’s Description

Developing software involves many processes to get code from development into a production environment. TeamCity helps you automate every step of this process. In this course, Getting Started with TeamCity, you’ll learn how to set up application builds to compile, test and package your apps. First, you’ll see how to kick off this process every time someone checks in code and get notifications when something fails. Next, you’ll explore how to get high-level reporting about failures. Finally, you’ll learn how to create templates for reusable build processes and how to rapidly automate an entire delivery pipeline. By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll have everything you need to automate taking your software from development through to production with TeamCity.

About the author

Wes Higbee is passionate about helping companies achieve remarkable results with technology and software. He’s had extensive experience developing software and working with teams to improve how software is developed to meet business objectives.

Wes launched Full City Tech to leverage his expertise to help companies delight customers. Although his primary focus is on outcomes, implementation often includes technical competency.

Wes frequently speaks about impactful aspects of software development including effective automated testing, database delivery automation, distributed version control, refactoring, aesthetics of code, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. He speaks professionally to help organizations improve and volunteers at user groups, code camps, and community organizations.

He’s a Pluralsight author and writes extensively about both technical and non-technical aspects of software development. His written work includes articles featured on VeraSage, MSDN Magazine, InfoQ, and JetBrain’s TeamCity Blog. He’s been interviewed on The Businessology Show and Art of Value about how important value is in software development. And, he occasionally gets highly technical in a shared screencast or webinar.

Select New Books and Courses

Enhancing Adobe Acrobat DC Forms with JavaScript

Enhancing Adobe Acrobat DC Forms with JavaScript Enhancing Adobe Acrobat DC Forms with JavaScript by Jennifer Harder. This book covers Adobe Acrobat DC Forms, JavaScript.

Publisher’s Description

Take your PDF forms to the next level. In this book, you’ll learn various ways to further improve your PDF Forms using simple JavaScript coding. You’ll also discover how a few lines of code can speed up your workflow when working with multiple PDFs in Action Wizard.

Enhancing Adobe Acrobat DC Forms with JavaScript covers up-to-date, real working examples that you can easily download, practice with, and edit to suit your own projects. Using screenshots from Adobe Acrobat DC, users or previous versions will also be able to utilize these techniques. This book also shows workarounds and solutions to various form issues you might encounter. Feel empowered by it and improve your PDF documents!

JavaScript has been a part of Adobe Acrobat for many versions. However, few people use its features and focus mainly on using the basic form properties, never delving deeper into Acrobat’s full capabilities. While information on the web can be helpful, if you don’t know enough about how to use JavaScript in Acrobat you will be left with poor results. JavaScript can be difficult to learn, but it does not need to be scary. This book explains it in simple steps at a beginner to intermediate level so you can take full advantage of Acrobat’s capabilities in your own projects.

What You’ll Learn

  • Create calculations, rating forms, and QR code stamps using the form elements
  • Explore simplified field notation and basic JavaScript for Acrobat
  • Work with buttons that can be used for navigation
  • Utilize complex forms that include drop down and list boxes in combination with other form fields
  • Work with Action Wizard and JavaScript
  • Improve form navigation and printing of forms
  • Add various types of alerts and custom validations to improve client-entered-data

Who This Book Is For

Anyone who needs to create forms for clients or websites: students, lawyers, accountants, and human resource personnel

About the author

Jennifer Harder has worked in the graphic design industry for over 10 years. She has a degree in Graphic Communications and is currently teaching Acrobat, InDesign, and Dreamweaver courses at Langara College. As a freelancer, Jennifer frequently works with Adobe PDFs and checks them before they go to print or are uploaded to the web. She enjoys talking about Adobe Software and her interests include: writing, illustration, and working on her websites.

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