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Mastering Microservices with Java
Building Great Software Engineering Teams
Google Cloud Platform in Action
Cloud Native
OpenStack in Action


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Free Mastering Microservices with Java

Mastering Microservices with Java Free Packt eBook by Sourabh Sharma (valid through 9/23 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Microservices, Java, Domain-Driven Design.

Publisher’s Description

With the introduction of the cloud, enterprise application development moved from monolithic applications to small lightweight process-driven components called microservices. Microservices are the next big thing in designing scalable, easy-to-maintain applications. It not only makes app development easier, but also offers great flexibility to utilize various resources optimally.

If you want to build an enterprise-ready implementation of the microservices architecture, then this is the book for you! Starting off by understanding the core concepts and framework, you will then focus on the high-level design of large software projects. You will gradually move on to setting up the development environment and configuring it before implementing continuous integration to deploy your microservice architecture. Using Spring security, you will secure microservices and test it effectively using REST Java clients and other tools. Finally, we’ll show you the best practices and common principals of microservice design and you’ll learn to troubleshoot and debug the issues faced during development.

By the end of the book, you will know how to build smaller, lighter, and faster services that can be implemented easily in a production environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Use domain-driven design to design and implement microservices
  • Secure microservices using Spring Security
  • Deploy and test microservices
  • Troubleshoot and debug the issues faced during development
  • Consume microservices using a JavaScript web application
  • Learning best practices and common principals about microservices

About the Author

Sourabh Sharma has more than a decade of experience in product/app development. His expertise lies in developing, deploying, and testing N-tier web applications. He loves to troubleshoot complex problems and look for the best solutions. In his career, he has successfully developed and delivered various standalone and cloud apps to happy Fortune 500 customers. Sourabh has also initiated and developed a microservice-based product for his US-based top enterprise product company. He started writing Java programs in his college days, in the late 90s, and it’s still an enduring passion.

$9.99 Building Great Software Engineering Teams

Building Great Software Engineering Teams $9.99 Apress eBook by Joshua Tyler.

Publisher’s Description

WINNER of Computing Reviews 20th Annual Best Review in the category Management

Building Great Software Engineering Teams provides engineering leaders, startup founders, and CTOs concrete, industry-proven guidance and techniques for recruiting, hiring, and managing software engineers in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

With so much at stake, the challenge of scaling up a team can be intimidating. Engineering leaders in growing companies of all sizes need to know how to find great candidates, create effective interviewing and hiring processes, bring out the best in people and their work, provide meaningful career development, learn to spot warning signs in their team, and manage their people for long-term success.

Author Josh Tyler has spent nearly a decade building teams in high-growth startups, experimenting with every aspect of the task to see what works best. He draws on this experience to outline specific, detailed solutions augmented by instructive stories from his own experience.

In this book you’ll learn how to build your team, starting with your first hire and continuing through the stages of development as you manage your team for growth and success. Organized to cover each step of the process in the order you’ll likely face them, and highlighted by stories of success and failure, it provides an easy-to-understand recipe for creating your high-powered engineering team.

Building Software from the Ground Up provides engineering leaders, startup founders, and CTOs:

  • Effective techniques for finding and hiring the best engineering candidate
  • The skills to manage engineers for optimum morale, performance, and career development
  • Insights into the challenges you’ll face as you build a team,
  • Solutions to challenges richly illustrated from the author’s deep and varied experience as an engineering leader

About the author

Josh Tyler is VP of Engineering and Design at Course Hero, an education technology company. He was previously Director of Software Engineering at Suitable Technologies and worked in the field of human-computer interaction as a UX architect, software developer, and researcher at Willow Garage, Zvents, Hewlett Packard, and Xerox PARC. Tyler holds a BS in Computer Science from Washington University and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University

50% off Google Cloud Platform in Action

Google Cloud Platform in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by JJ Geewax. This book covers Google Cloud Platform.

Publisher’s Description

Cloud services make it easy to set up technical infrastructure (such as computing resources or storage capacity) without all of those pesky long-term commitments, meaning you pay for exactly what you need, and can think beyond the limits of physical machines. While there are many cloud providers to choose from, Google Cloud Platform is trusted by millions of applications and is backed by the infrastructure powering many of the services you use every day such as Google Search and YouTube. It’s no wonder that people are flocking to cloud providers in general, and GCP in particular, as these unique services let you focus less on your tools and more on your application.

Google Cloud Platform in Action teaches you to build and launch applications that scale, leveraging the many services on GCP to move faster than ever. You’ll begin with an introduction to what cloud services are in general and a close up look at GCP and its benefits. You’ll quickly get to try it out with step-by-step instructions on deploying a basic application on GCP. Then you’ll move on to more advanced topics such as how to architect your application to best take advantage of GCP services, how to launch large-scale web applications, how best to store and query huge amounts of data, and how to build the back-end of a social image sharing application. You’ll also learn how to choose exactly the services that best suit your needs. By the end, you will be able to build applications that run on Google Cloud Platform and start more quickly, suffer fewer disasters, and require less maintenance.

What’s inside

  • Use Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning
  • Get applications deployed quickly
  • Choosing the most cost effective options
  • Hands-on code examples

About the reader

This book is for developers who have some experience developing web applications. No experience with cloud services required.

About the author

JJ Geewax is a Software Engineer at Google working specifically on Google Cloud Platform, and has been using cloud services since 2008.

50% off Cloud Native Designing change-tolerant software

Cloud Native 50% off Manning’s eBook by Cornelia Davis. This book covers Cloud Native, Cloud Computing.

Publisher’s Description

Author Cornelia Davis likes to say that “the cloud” is more about how you design your applications than where you deploy them. Cloud Native: Designing Change-tolerant Software is your guide to developing strong applications that thrive in the dynamic, distributed, virtual world of the cloud. This book presents a mental model for cloud-native applications, along with the patterns, practices, and tooling that sets them apart. In it, you’ll find realistic examples and expert advice for working with apps, data, services, routing, and more.

About the technology

We are amid a radical change in how we design and build applications. With cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, even small teams can take full advantage of web-scale distributed application patterns and practice. Users and customers have higher expectations for reliability, availability, and performance. Cloud-native software promises near-zero downtime, shortened feedback cycles, multi-device support, and improved cost control. All this means developers need to learn new skills and techniques, along with a new way of thinking about application design.

What’s inside

  • The application lifecycle of Cloud Native apps
  • Automated configuration management
  • Multi-tenant services, versioned services, and parallel deploys
  • Understanding Cloud Native Routing
  • Managing dependencies between apps and services

About the reader

Requires intermediate programming skill with Java or a similar language. Some experience with server-side development is helpful.

About the author

Cornelia Davis is the Sr. Director of Technology at Pivotal Software. A teacher at heart, Cornelia has spent the last 25 making better software and better software developers.

50% off OpenStack in Action

OpenStack in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Cody Bumgardner with foreword by Jay Pipes. This book covers OpenStack, Cloud Computing.

Publisher’s Description

OpenStack in Action offers the real world use cases and step-by-step instructions you can take to develop your own cloud platform from inception to deployment. This book guides you through the design of both the physical hardware cluster and the infrastructure services you’ll need to create a custom cloud platform.

About the technology

OpenStack is an open source framework that lets you create a private or public cloud platform on your own physical servers. You build custom infrastructure, platform, and software services without the expense and vendor lock-in associated with proprietary cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With an OpenStack private cloud, you can get increased security, more control, improved reliability, and lower costs.

About the book

OpenStack in Action offers real-world use cases and step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own cloud platform. This book guides you through the design of both the physical hardware cluster and the infrastructure services you?ll need. You?ll learn how to select and set up virtual and physical servers, how to implement software-defined networking, and technical details of designing, deploying, and operating an OpenStack cloud in your enterprise. You?ll also discover how to best tailor your OpenStack deployment for your environment. Finally, you?ll learn how your cloud can offer user-facing software and infrastructure services.

What’s inside

  • Develop and deploy an enterprise private cloud
  • Private cloud technologies from an IT perspective
  • Organizational impact of self-service cloud computing

About the reader

No prior knowledge of OpenStack or cloud development is assumed.

About the author

Cody Bumgardner is the Chief Technology Architect at a large university where he is responsible for the architecture, deployment, and long-term strategy of OpenStack private clouds and other cloud computing initiatives.

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