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Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetration Testing
SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed
Kubernetes Microservices with Docker
Kotlin in Action
Effective Unit Testing
Camel in Action, Second Edition


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Free Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetration Testing

Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetration Testing Free Packt eBook by Wolf Halton, Bo Weaver (valid through 9/24 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Kali Linux 2, Windows Penetration Testing.

Publisher’s Description

Microsoft Windows is one of the two most common OS and managing its security has spawned the discipline of IT security. Kali Linux is the premier platform for testing and maintaining Windows security. Kali is built on the Debian distribution of Linux and shares the legendary stability of that OS. This lets you focus on using the network penetration, password cracking, forensics tools and not the OS.

This book has the most advanced tools and techniques to reproduce the methods used by sophisticated hackers to make you an expert in Kali Linux penetration testing. First, you are introduced to Kali’s top ten tools and other useful reporting tools. Then, you will find your way around your target network and determine known vulnerabilities to be able to exploit a system remotely. Next, you will prove that the vulnerabilities you have found are real and exploitable. You will learn to use tools in seven categories of exploitation tools. Further, you perform web access exploits using tools like websploit and more. Security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Passwords are often that weak link. Thus, you learn about password attacks that can be used in concert with other approaches to break into and own a network. Moreover, you come to terms with network sniffing, which helps you understand which users are using services you can exploit, and IP spoofing, which can be used to poison a system’s DNS cache. Once you gain access to a machine or network, maintaining access is important.

Thus, you not only learn penetrating in the machine you also learn Windows privilege’s escalations. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions and support images, you will be able to quickly pen test your system and network.

What You Will Learn

Set up Kali Linux for pen testing Map and enumerate your Windows network Exploit several common Windows network vulnerabilities Attack and defeat password schemes on Windows Debug and reverse-engineer Windows programs Recover lost files, investigate successful hacks and discover hidden data in innocent-looking files Catch and hold admin rights on the network, and maintain backdoors on the network after your initial testing is done

About the Authors

Wolf Halton is an internationally known authority on computer and Internet security, (since his earliest book was pirated widely in the Far-East), an Amazon best-selling author on computer security, and the CEO of Atlanta Cloud Technology. He specializes in compliance & governance, security engineering, disaster recovery, open-source consulting, virtualization and datacenter restructuring. Wolf started hacking Windows in 1993 and loaded Linux for the first time in 2002. Wolf works with non-profits to curtail cyber-bullying, and to increase the number of kids who choose to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, Analytics, and Medical (STEAM) careers. Wolf attributes whatever successes he has had to his darling bride, Helen, without whose tireless encouragement he would have never come so far so fast. To contact Wolf, e-mail him at wolf@atlantacloudtech.com.

Bo Weaver is an old-school ponytailed geek who misses the old days of black screens and green text, when mice were only found under the subflooring and monitors only had eight colors. His first involvement with networks was in 1972, while working on an R&D project called ARPANET in the US Navy. Here, he also learned the power of Unix and how to “outsmart” the operating system. In the early days of BBS systems, he helped set up, secure, and maintain these systems in the South. He later worked with many in the industry to set up Internet providers and secured these environments. Bo has been working with and using Linux daily since the 1990s, and he is a promoter of open source (yes, Bo runs on Linux). He has also worked in physical security fields as a private investigator and in executive protection. Bo is now the senior penetration tester for Compliancepoint, an Atlanta-based security consulting company, where he works remotely from under a tree in the North Georgia mountains. Bo is Cherokee and works with Native American youth to help keep their traditions alive and strong. He is also the father of a geek son, Ross, a hacker in his own right, and the grandfather of two grandchildren, Rachel and Austin, who at their young age can Nmap a network. To contact Bo, e-mail him at bo@boweaver.com.

45% off SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed

SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed 45% off InformIT eBook by Paul Bertucci, Raju Shreewastava. This book covers SQL Server 2016, SQL Server High Availability.

Publisher’s Description

SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed provides start-to-finish coverage of SQL Server’s powerful high availability (HA) solutions for your traditional on-premise databases, cloud-based databases (Azure or AWS), hybrid databases (on-premise coupled with the cloud), and your emerging Big Data solutions.

This complete guide introduces an easy-to-follow, formal HA methodology that has been refined over the past several years and helps you identity the right HA solution for your needs. There is also additional coverage of both disaster recovery and business continuity architectures and considerations. You are provided with step-by-step guides, examples, and sample code to help you set up, manage, and administer these highly available solutions. All examples are based on existing production deployments at major Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

This book is for all intermediate-to-advanced SQL Server and Big Data professionals, but is also organized so that the first few chapters are great foundation reading for CIOs, CTOs, and even some tech-savvy CFOs.

  • Learn a formal, high availability methodology for understanding and selecting the right HA solution for your needs
  • Deep dive into Microsoft Cluster Services
  • Use selective data replication topologies
  • Explore thorough details on AlwaysOn and availability groups
  • Learn about HA options with log shipping and database mirroring/ snapshots
  • Get details on Microsoft Azure for Big Data and Azure SQL
  • Explore business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Learn about on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments
  • Provide all types of database needs, including online transaction processing, data warehouse and business intelligence, and Big Data
  • Explore the future of HA and disaster recovery

In addition, this book is part of InformIT’s exciting Content Update Program, which provides content updates for major technology improvements! As significant updates are made to SQL Server, sections of this book will be updated or new sections will be added to match the updates to the technologies. As updates become available, they will be delivered to you via a free Web Edition of this book, which can be accessed with any Internet connection. To learn more, visit informit.com/cup.

About the Authors

Paul Bertucci is the founder of Data by Design (www.dataXdesign.com) a database consulting firm with offices in the United States and Paris, France. He has more than 30 years of experience with database design, data modeling, data architecture, data replication, performance and tuning, distributed data systems, big data/Hadoop, data integration, high availability, disaster recovery/business continuity, master data management/data quality, and system architectures for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Intel, Coca-Cola, Symantec, Autodesk, Apple, Toshiba, Lockheed, Wells Fargo, Merrill-Lynch, Safeway, Texaco, Charles Schwab, Wealth Front, Pacific Gas and Electric, Dayton Hudson, Abbott Labs, Cisco Systems, Sybase, and Honda, to name a few. He has written numerous articles, company and international data standards, and high-profile courses such as “Performance and Tuning” and “Physical Database Design” for Sybase and “Entity Relationship Modeling” courses for Chen & Associates (Dr. Peter P. Chen). Other Sams books that he has authored include the highly popular Microsoft SQL Server Unleashed series (SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2014), ADO.NET in 24 Hours, and Microsoft SQL Server High Availability.

Paul has deployed numerous traditional database systems with MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, and Oracle database engines, big data databases with Hadoop, and non-SQL databases (value pair) such as Oracle’s NoSQL and Cassandra NoSQL. He has designed/architected several commercially available tools in the database, data modeling, performance and tuning, data integrity, data integration, and multidimensional planning spaces.

Paul is also an experienced leader of global enterprise architecture teams for multi-billion dollar companies and lead global teams in data warehousing/BI, big data, master data management, identity management, enterprise application integration, and collaboration systems. He has held positions such as chief data architect for Symantec, chief architect and director of Shared Services for Autodesk, CTO for Diginome, and CTO for both LISI and PointCare. Paul speaks regularly at many conferences and gatherings worldwide, such as SQL Saturday’s, Ignite, TechEd, MDM Summit, Oracle World, Informatica World, SRII, MIT Chief Data Officer symposium, and many others.

Paul received his formal education in computer science and electrical engineering from UC Berkeley (Go, Bears!). He lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Oregon) with the three children who still live at home (Donny, Juliana, and Nina) and lives near the other two, “working” adult children, Marissa and Paul Jr., who live in Portland. Paul can be reached at pbertucci@dataXdesign.com.

Raju Shreewastava is a leading expert in data warehousing, business intelligence, and big data for numerous companies around the globe. He is based out of Silicon Valley, supporting several high-profile big data implementations. He previously led the data warehouse/business intelligence and big data teams at Autodesk. He has more than 20 years of experience with database design, data integration, and deployments. Raju can be reached at raju.shreewastava@gmail.com.

$9.99 Kubernetes Microservices with Docker

Kubernetes Microservices with Docker $9.99 Apress eBook by Deepak Vohra with foreword by Massimo Nardone. This book covers Microservices, Kubernetes, Docker.

Publisher’s Description

Start using Kubernetes in complex big data and enterprise applications, including Docker containers. Starting with installing Kubernetes on a single node, the book introduces Kubernetes with a simple Hello example and discusses using environment variables in Kubernetes.

Next, Kubernetes Microservices with Docker discusses using Kubernetes with all major groups of technologies such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, and in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

The book concludes with using multi container pods and installing Kubernetes on a multi node cluster.

What You Will Learn

  • Install Kubernetes on a single node
  • Set environment variables
  • Create multi-container pods using Docker
  • Use volumes
  • Use Kubernetes with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, NoSQL databases, and RDBMSs
  • Install Kubernetes on a multi-node cluster

Who This Book Is For

Application developers including Apache Hadoop developers, database developers and NoSQL developers.

About the Author

Deepak Vohra is a consultant and a principal member of the NuBean-dot-com software company. Deepak is an Oracle-certified Java programmer and Web component developer. He has worked in the fields of XML, Java programming, and Java EE for over five years. Deepak is the coauthor of Pro XML Development with Java Technology (Apress, 2006). Deepak is also the author of JDBC 4.0 and Oracle JDeveloper for J2EE Development, Processing XML Documents with Oracle JDeveloper 11g, EJB 3.0 Database Persistence with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, and Java EE Development in Eclipse IDE (Packthing). He also served as the technical reviewer on WebLogic: The Definitive Guide (O’Reilly Media, 2004) and Ruby Programming for the Absolute Beginner (Cengage Learning PTR, 2007).

50% off Kotlin in Action

Kotlin in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Dmitry Jemerov, Svetlana Isakova with foreword by Andrey Breslav. This book covers Kotlin.

Publisher’s Description

Kotlin in Action guides experienced Java developers from the language basics of Kotlin all the way through building applications to run on the JVM and Android devices.

About the technology

Developers want to get work done - and the less hassle, the better. Coding with Kotlin means less hassle. The Kotlin programming language offers an expressive syntax, a strong intuitive type system, and great tooling support along with seamless interoperability with existing Java code, libraries, and frameworks. Kotlin can be compiled to Java bytecode, so you can use it everywhere Java is used, including Android. And with an efficient compiler and a small standard library, Kotlin imposes virtually no runtime overhead.

About the book

Kotlin in Action teaches you to use the Kotlin language for production-quality applications. Written for experienced Java developers, this example-rich book goes further than most language books, covering interesting topics like building DSLs with natural language syntax. The authors are core Kotlin developers, so you can trust that even the gnarly details are dead accurate.

What’s inside

  • Functional programming on the JVM
  • Writing clean and idiomatic code
  • Combining Kotlin and Java
  • Domain-specific languages

About the reader

This book is for experienced Java developers.

About the authors

Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova are core Kotlin developers at JetBrains.

50% off Effective Unit Testing A guide for Java developers

Effective Unit Testing 50% off Manning’s eBook by Lasse Koskela. This book covers Unit Testing, Java.

Publisher’s Description

Effective Unit Testing is written to show how to write good tests—tests that are concise and to the point, expressive, useful, and maintainable. Inspired by Roy Osherove’s bestselling The Art of Unit Testing, this book focuses on tools and practices specific to the Java world. It introduces you to emerging techniques like behavior-driven development and specification by example, and shows you how to add robust practices into your toolkit.

About the book

Effective Unit Testing teaches Java developers how to write unit tests that are concise, expressive, useful, and maintainable. Offering crisp explanations and easy-to-absorb examples, it introduces emerging techniques like behavior-driven development and specification by example.

Programmers who are already unit testing will learn the current state of the art. Those who are new to the game will learn practices that will serve them well for the rest of their career.

What’s inside

  • A thorough introduction to unit testing
  • Choosing best-of-breed tools
  • Writing tests using dynamic languages
  • Efficient test automation

About the author

Lasse Koskela is a coach, trainer, consultant, and programmer. He hacks on open source projects, helps companies improve their productivity, and speaks frequently at conferences around the world. Lasse is the author of Test Driven, also published by Manning.

50% off Camel in Action, Second Edition

Camel in Action, Second Edition 50% off Manning’s eBook by Claus Ibsen, Jonathan Anstey. This book covers Apache Camel, Enterprise Integration.

Publisher’s Description

Camel in Action, Second Edition is the most complete Camel book on the market. This updated tutorial is full of small examples showing how to work with the integration patterns. It starts with core concepts like sending, receiving, routing, and transforming data. It then shows you the entire lifecycle and goes in depth on how to test, deal with errors, scale, deploy, and monitor your app and even how to build custom tooling - details you can find only in the Camel code itself. Written by core developers of Camel and the authors of the first edition, this book distills their experience and practical insights so that you can tackle integration tasks like a pro.

About the technology

Apache Camel is a Java library that lets you implement the standard enterprise integration patterns in a few lines of code. With a concise but sophisticated DSL, you snap integration logic into your app, Lego-style, using Java, XML, CDI, Groovy, or Scala. Camel supports over 160 common transports including HTTP, REST, JDBC, JMS, Web Services, and SaaS connectors.

What’s inside

  • Revised to reflect the most recent release of Camel
  • New chapters on security, clustering, cloud integration, docker, and kubernetes
  • How to build Camel microservices with Spring Boot, Vert.x, and standalone
  • Valuable examples in Java and XML
  • Explanations of complex patterns
  • Error handling, testing, deploying, managing, and running Camel
  • Accessible to beginners, useful to experts

About the reader

Readers should have basic Java skills.

About the authors

Claus Ibsen is a principal engineer working for Red Hat specializing in cloud and integration. He has worked on Apache Camel for the last seven years where he heads the project. He is also heavily involved with fabric8 and hawtio projects, especially with functionality that involves Camel. Claus lives in Sweden near Malmo with his wife and dog.

Jonathan Anstey is a principal engineer at Red Hat working on open source integration technologies. One of the many projects Jon contributes to is Apache Camel. When he is not hacking on open source he likes to spend time with his wife and two kids in Paradise, Newfoundland.


An eBook copy of the previous edition, Camel in Action (First Edition), is included at no additional cost. It will be automatically added to your Manning Bookshelf within 24 hours of purchase.

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