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Machine Learning for the Web
Xamarin in Action
iOS Development with Swift
.NET Core in Action
MVVM in Delphi


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Free Machine Learning for the Web

Machine Learning for the Web Free Packt eBook by Andrea Isoni with foreword by Davide Cervellin (valid through 9/28 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Machine Learning, Python, Django.

Publisher’s Description

Python is a general purpose and also a comparatively easy to learn programming language. Hence it is the language of choice for data scientists to prototype, visualize, and run data analyses on small and medium-sized data sets. This is a unique book that helps bridge the gap between machine learning and web development. It focuses on the difficulties of implementing predictive analytics in web applications. We focus on the Python language, frameworks, tools, and libraries, showing you how to build a machine learning system. You will explore the core machine learning concepts and then develop and deploy the data into a web application using the Django framework. You will also learn to carry out web, document, and server mining tasks, and build recommendation engines. Later, you will explore Python’s impressive Django framework and will find out how to build a modern simple web app with machine learning features.

What You Will Learn

  • Get familiar with the fundamental concepts and some of the jargons used in the machine learning community
  • Use tools and techniques to mine data from websites
  • Grasp the core concepts of Django framework
  • Get to know the most useful clustering and classification techniques and implement them in Python
  • Acquire all the necessary knowledge to build a web application with Django
  • Successfully build and deploy a movie recommendation system application using the Django framework in Python

About the Author

Andrea Isoni is a data scientist, PhD, and physicist professional with extensive experience in software developer positions. He has an extensive knowledge of machine learning algorithms and techniques. He also has experience with multiple languages such as Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, SQL, HTML, and Hadoop.

50% off Xamarin in Action Creating native cross-platform mobile apps

Xamarin in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Jim Bennett. This book covers Xamarin, C#, IOS, Android, MVVM.

Publisher’s Description

Xamarin is a toolset that allows you to write native mobile apps in C# and run them on both iOS and Android devices. What makes Xamarin stand out from other cross-platform tools is that it gives you the ability to share large portions of code across these two platforms while still letting you write native apps that can take full advantage of the device and OS features specific to each platform. And since Xamarin was recently acquired by Microsoft, you can be sure the ecosystem will continue to grow - Xamarin has become a hugely important part of Microsoft’s “any developer, any platform” mantra.

Xamarin in Action teaches you how to build Xamarin apps on iOS and Android from scratch while maximizing code re-use. This layer-by-layer guide starts by showing you the MVVM design pattern and explaining how it increases code sharing. Next, you’ll start building an app from the ground up. You’ll learn all the different layers inside a well written Xamarin app and discover how most of your code can be shared between iOS and Android. You’ll look at how this code sharing can be best designed to allow unit testing of your business layer as well as your UI logic. Then you’ll dig in to code that can’t be shared, like user interface code that’s device specific. Finally, you’ll learn how to take your app from final code to a tested and deployed version on the relevant store. By the end, you’ll be able to build a high quality production-ready Xamarin app on iOS and Android from scratch with a high level of code reuse.

What’s inside

  • Understand MVVM and how it maximizes code reuse and testability
  • Build a mobile app from rough design through final deployable product
  • Creating cross platform model and UI logic layers
  • Build device specific UIs for iOS and Android
  • Test apps through unit and automated UI testing
  • Prepare apps for publication with user tracking and crash analytics

About the reader

This book is for C# developers with a few months through many years of experience who want to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android using the language and toolset they already know.

About the author

Jim Bennett is a Xamarin MVP, Microsoft MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer and an active community member. He’s also a frequent speaker at events all around the world, including Xamarin user groups and Xamarin and Microsoft conferences. He regularly blogs about Xamarin development at https://jimbobbennett.io.

50% off iOS Development with Swift

iOS Development with Swift 50% off Manning’s eBook by Craig Grummitt. This book covers Swift 4, IOS.

Publisher’s Description

First, the statistics. According to Apple, there are currently 380,000 registered iOS developers and over a billion iOS devices in use worldwide. Swift, the language of iOS development, is the fastest growing programming language, and the App Store has taken in more than $8 billion in sales. If you’re a developer, learning how to write iPhone and iPad apps in Swift is a safe bet for job security. And because mobile app development is a rapidly-changing field that combines programming, UI design, and a bit of showmanship, it’s also a great bet for job satisfaction. Ready to get started?

iOS Development with Swift is a hands-on guide to creating apps for iPhone and iPad using the Swift language. You’ll start by getting a birds-eye view of how an iOS application works and what it takes to build one. Then, you’ll get a quick tour of Swift that highlights its similarities and differences compared to other C-style languages. With the basics well in hand, you’ll work through progressively more challenging examples as you learn how to design iOS apps, build good layouts, handle navigation, and interact with the device’s camera. Along the way, you’ll deepen your knowledge of iOS and the Swift language through a series of tips, sidebars, and exercises.

What’s inside

  • Introduction to mobile app development for iPhone and iPad
  • Adaptive designs that respond to different environments
  • Storing and managing data
  • Connecting to web services
  • Publishing to the App Store
  • Testing and debugging Swift code

About the reader

Written for readers with experience using a language like Java, Python, or C#. No prior iOS development or Swift experience required.

About the author

Craig Grummitt has been developing interactive applications for over 20 years, including touch-screen exhibits, Facebook games, online learning, and mobile apps. He’s a successful online instructor and mentor, and his iOS apps have had over 50,000 downloads.

50% off .NET Core in Action

.NET Core in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Dustin Metzgar. This book covers .NET Core, C#, xUnit, SQLite, Microservices.

Publisher’s Description

.NET Core is what it sounds like. It’s a subset of the .NET framework with libraries and runtimes that drastically reduce its footprint, so you can write and run .NET applications more efficiently. In addition to Windows, .NET Core includes runtimes for Mac and Linux, making it a high-productivity cross-platform option for web, cloud, and server-based applications. It’s open source and backed by Microsoft, so supported operating systems, CPUs, and application scenarios will continue to grow over time.

.NET Core in Action shows .NET developers how to build professional software applications with .NET Core. You’ll start by getting the big picture of how to build .NET Core applications and use the tools. Then you’ll learn unit testing, debugging, and logging. You’ll also discover simple data access and networking. The last part of the book goes into more advanced topics, like performance profiling, localization, and signing assemblies, that you need to know so you can release your library or application to the world. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to convert existing .NET code to work on multiple platforms or start new projects with knowledge of the tools and capabilities of .NET Core.

What’s inside

  • Debugging .NET Core applications
  • Using PerfView to investigate performance issues
  • Enabling localization in a library
  • Creating unit tests with XUnit
  • Converting existing .NET projects to Core
  • Working with relational data stores
  • Interacting with web services
  • Tools for writing .NET Core apps
  • All examples are in C#

About the reader

This book is for developers who are familiar with a C-like language.

About the author

Dustin Metzgar has developed software professionally for 13 years. He has worked for many companies from startups to large enterprises before joining Microsoft. He specializes in performance in both .NET and Azure services and participated in a number of .NET Core projects. Dustin owns several products, including the Windows Workflow Foundation.

$9.99 MVVM in Delphi

MVVM in Delphi $9.99 Apress eBook by John Kouraklis. This book covers Delphi, MVVM.

Publisher’s Description

  • Guides developers to design applications in Delphi based on the MVVM design pattern
  • Provides step-by-step guide to designing and writing applications in Delphi
  • Author is a Delphi expert who builds complex applications every day with it

Dive into the world of MVVM, learn how to build modern Windows applications, and prepare for cross-platform development. This book introduces you to the right mindset and demonstrates suitable methodologies that allow for quick understanding of the MVVM paradigm. MVVM in Delphi shows you how to use a quick and efficient MVVM framework that allows for scalability, is of manageable complexity, and provides strong efficiency.

One of the biggest challenges developers face is how to convert legacy and monolithic Delphi applications to the MVVM architecture. This book takes you on a step-by-step journey and teaches you how to adapt an application to fit into the MVVM design.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain the fundamentals of MVVM
  • Visualize MVVM as a design philosophy
  • Create easy-to-use frameworks for building your own MVVM applications
  • Develop a methodology for converting legacy applications to the MVVM pattern
  • Architect cross-platform and multi-lingual applications using the MVVM pattern

Who This Book Is For

Delphi developers with a good knowledge of Delphi or programming experience in a different language. In addition, this book is attractive to Delphi developers who want to modernize existing applications based on the MVVM design.

About the Author

John Kouraklis started exploring computers when he was 16 and since then has followed all the way from Turbo Pascal to Delphi and Delphi XE7 versions as a hobby initially and as a profession for most of his adult life. He has developed a wide range of applications, from financial software to reverse engineering tools, including an application for professional gamblers.

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Fair Winds Press

IBM Redbooks

  • IBM z14 Configuration Setup (Book) by Martin Söllig, Nelson Oliveira, Kazuhiro Nakajima, Jannie Houlbjerg, Peter Hoyle, Bill White, Franco Pinto, Octavian Lascu


IGI Global

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