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Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting
Pro SQL Server Always On Availability Groups
JavaScript on Things
Building the Web of Things
Hello Raspberry Pi!
Swift in Depth
ASP.NET Core Identity Management Playbook


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Free Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting

Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting Free Packt eBook by Brenton J.W. Blawat with foreword by Jon Stevens (valid through 9/30 at 19:00 EST). This book covers PowerShell.

Publisher’s Description

PowerShell is quickly becoming the de facto standard for scripting in Microsoft Windows environments. It enables the automation of otherwise complex tasks, providing interactivity between different products.

Beginning with PowerShell fundamentals, this book progresses by imparting the advanced skills required to master automation. You will learn how to deal with data and operations on various data types and structures, and see the techniques of data manipulation and parsing. Moving on, you will learn about the usage of regular expressions and comparison operators. Error handling techniques will enable you to identify and eliminate errors. This book also provides best practices for scripting and techniques to reduce the amount of code required to complete tasks.

By the end of this book, you will be able to create a variety of PowerShell scripts and successfully automate your environment and become the go-to person.

What You Will Learn

  • Utilize variables, hashes, and arrays to store data
  • Parse and manipulate different data types
  • Optimize code through the use of functions, switches, and looping structures
  • Create and implement regular expressions in PowerShell scripts
  • Leverage session-based remote management
  • Manage files, folders, and registries through the use of PowerShell
  • Discover the best practices to manage Microsoft systems

About the Author

Brenton J.W. Blawat is an entrepreneur, strategic technical advisor, author, and enterprise architect, who has a passion for the procurement of technology in profit-based organizations. He is business-centric and technology-minded. Brenton has many years of experience in bridging the gap between technical staff and decision-makers in several organizations. He takes pride in his ability to effectively communicate with a diverse audience and provide strategic direction for large and small organizations alike.

In 2013, Brenton authored his first book, PowerShell 3.0 WMI Starter, Packt Publishing. In March 2015, he authored his second book Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting, Packt Publishing.

Brenton currently works at CDW as an Enterprise Architect in strategic solutions and services. CDW is a leading multibrand technology solutions provider in the fields of business, government, education, and healthcare. A Fortune 500 company, it was founded in 1984 and employs approximately 7,200 coworkers. In 2016, the company generated net sales of more than $13.0 billion. For more information about CDW, you can visit www.CDW.com.

As the author of this book, Brenton always extends himself to the PowerShell community. You can follow Brenton on Twitter at @brentblawat or his blog at http://www.masteringposh.com. The author is always open for discussions on the book and will provide feedback to readers, as time allows. If you are an academic institution, Brenton engages with multiple colleges for guest speaking. You can contact Brenton on Twitter for more information.

$9.99 Pro SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

Pro SQL Server Always On Availability Groups $9.99 Apress eBook by Uttam Parui, Vivek Sanil. This book covers SQL Server, Always On Availability Groups.

Publisher’s Description

  • Provides tips, tricks and best practices for deploying availability groups
  • Inspires the confidence to manage and monitor availability groups
  • Helps with troubleshooting problems in a mission-critical environment

This book is your field guide to planning, deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Always On Availability Groups. The Always On Availability Groups feature is an enterprise-level solution for high availability and disaster recovery. Always On provides a rich set of options that reduce overhead and resource usage and enable database administrators to implement and manage high availability and disaster recovery solutions far more easily than by implementing the log-shipping and database-mirroring solutions of the past.

Pro SQL Server Always On Availability Groups shows how to reduce downtime, maximize application availability, and provide data protection. The goal is always to have your SQL Server databases up and running whenever you need them, rain or shine, disaster or otherwise. With a focus on real-world experiences and war stories, authors Uttam Parui and Vivek Sanil offer you:

  • Tips, tricks, and best practices for architecting and deploying availability groups.
  • The confidence required to manage and monitor availability groups.
  • Techniques to troubleshoot common issues that you may face during and after deploying availability groups in a mission-critical production environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Grasp important concepts underlying high-availability and disaster recovery.
  • Plan and deploy Always On Availability Groups in your corporate environment.
  • Manage Availability Groups to ensure constant readiness and high throughput.
  • Monitor Availability Group performance and troubleshoot problems fast.
  • Build on the cloud and make Windows Azure part of your availability solution.
  • Employ proven techniques and best practices as tested and shared by the authors.


Pro SQL Server Always On Availability Groups is aimed at SQL Server architects, database administrators, and IT professionals who are tasked with architecting and deploying a high-availability and disaster recovery solution involving Microsoft SQL Server. This book is also for SQL Server support staff who will be managing and supporting existing availability group deployments.

About the Authors

Uttam Parui is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He has worked at Microsoft for more than 15 years and started working with the SQL Server product since SQL Server 6.5. As a Premier Field Engineer, he delivers SQL Server consulting and support for designated strategic Fortune 500 customers. Also, he has been developing content, speaking at events, as well as authoring books, white papers, and articles related to SQL Server administration, high availability, disaster recovery, and more. Uttam is the coauthor of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Bible (Wiley Publishing) and technical editor for Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering (Apress). He has trained and mentored engineers from Microsoft’s Customer Support Services and Premier Field Engineering teams, and was one of the first to train and assist in the development of Microsoft’s SQL Server support teams in Canada and India. He received his master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida at Gainesville.

Vivek Sanil is Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. Vivek has been working extensively with SQL Server since joining the industry more than 16 years ago. He has been with Microsoft since 2005. He currently works in a support and consulting role in a dedicated capacity with a few large fortune 500 customers. He was in Microsoft Customer Support Services prior to this role. Areas of specialty include database engine internals, AlwaysOn, and performance troubleshooting. He has architected and developed numerous Premier Field Engineering workshops that Microsoft delivers to its customers. He has presented at numerous user group sessions. He has also moderated in several worldwide Microsoft Virtual Academy events.

50% off JavaScript on Things Hardware for web developers

JavaScript on Things 50% off Manning’s eBook by Lyza Danger Gardner. This book covers IoT, Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, Tessel 2, Node.js, JavaScript.

Publisher’s Description

You can use JavaScript - the language of the web - to make things happen in the real world. JavaScript controls hordes of small robots, creative maker projects, and IoT products. Inexpensive platforms like the Raspberry Pi and Tessel 2 are powerful little computers in their own right, with the oomph to run Node.js on-board, and you can also use JavaScript to control simpler boards like the ubiquitous Arduino Uno. With the Node.js ecosystem at hand, hardware prototyping gets fun, intuitive and fast. Plug stuff in anything from motors to touch screens to soil moisture sensors and you’re off! Let’s build something!

JavaScript on Things is your first step into the exciting and downright entertaining world of programming for small electronics. If you know enough JavaScript to hack a website together, you’ll be making things bleep, blink and spin faster than you can say “nodebot”. This fully-illustrated, hands-on book shows you how to get going with platforms like Arduino, Tessel, and Raspberry Pi. You’ll get a thorough crash course in basic electronics and go in-depth and step-by-step, building little projects that light up, sense the environment around you, make noise, exchange data, move around, and more. You’ll even build a wirelessly-controlled robot. Yay! Learning something truly useful has never been quite this much fun. We guarantee it.

What’s inside

  • Using JavaScript in tandem with popular platforms like Arduino, Tessel 2 and Raspberry Pi
  • Introduction to creating and controlling embedded projects
  • Designing and assembling straightforward robots and gadgets
  • Crash course in basic electronics
  • Over a dozen hands-on projects

About the reader

Written for readers with intermediate JavaScript and Node.js skills. No experience with embedded systems or robotics required.

About the author

Lyza Danger Gardner has been web developer for over 20 years. She’s part of the nodebots community and is a contributor to the johnny-five Node.js library.

50% off Building the Web of Things With examples in Node.js and Raspberry Pi

Building the Web of Things 50% off Manning’s eBook by Dominique D. Guinard, Vlad M. Trifa. This book covers IoT, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Web API, GPIO, MQTT, CoAP, JSON-LD, RDFa, Node-RED, IFTTT, BeagleBone Black, Intel Edison, Arduino.

Publisher’s Description

A hands-on guide that teaches you how to design and implement scalable, flexible, and open IoT solutions using web technologies. This book focuses on providing the right balance of theory, code samples, and practical examples to enable you to successfully connect all sorts of devices to the web and to expose their services and data over REST APIs.

About the technology

Because the Internet of Things is still new, there is no universal application protocol. Fortunately, the IoT can take advantage of the web, where IoT protocols connect applications thanks to universal and open APIs.

About the book

Building the Web of Things is a guide to using cutting-edge web technologies to build the IoT. This step-by-step book teaches you how to use web protocols to connect real-world devices to the web, including the Semantic and Social Webs. Along the way you’ll gain vital concepts as you follow instructions for making Web of Things devices. By the end, you’ll have the practical skills you need to implement your own web-connected products and services.

What’s inside

  • Introduction to IoT protocols and devices
  • Connect electronic actuators and sensors (GPIO) to a Raspberry Pi
  • Implement standard REST and Pub/Sub APIs with Node.js on embedded systems
  • Learn about IoT protocols like MQTT and CoAP and integrate them to the Web of Things
  • Use the Semantic Web (JSON-LD, RDFa, etc.) to discover and find Web Things
  • Share Things via Social Networks to create the Social Web of Things
  • Build a web-based smart home with HTTP and WebSocket
  • Compose physical mashups with EVRYTHNG, Node-RED, and IFTTT

About the reader

For both seasoned programmers and those with only basic programming skills.

About the authors

Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa pioneered the Web of Things and cofounded EVRYTHNG, a large-scale IoT cloud powering billions of Web Things.

50% off Hello Raspberry Pi! Python programming for kids and other beginners

Hello Raspberry Pi! 50% off Manning’s eBook by Ryan Heitz. This book covers Raspberry Pi, Python, Pygame.

Publisher’s Description

A fun and imaginative way for kids and other beginners to take their first steps programming on a Raspberry Pi.

About the technology

The Raspberry Pi is a small, low-cost computer invented to encourage experimentation. The Pi is a snap to set up, and using the free Python programming language, you can learn to create video games, control robots, and maybe even write programs to do your math homework!

About the book

Hello Raspberry Pi! is a fun way for kids to take their first steps programming on a Raspberry Pi. First, you discover how to set up and navigate the Pi. Next, begin Python programming by learning basic concepts with engaging challenges and games. This book gives you an introduction to computer programming as you gain the confidence to explore, learn, and create on your own. The last part of the book introduces you to the world of computer control of physical objects, where you create interactive projects with lights, buttons, and sounds.

What’s inside

  • Learn Python with fun examples
  • Write games and control electronics
  • Use Pygame for video game sounds and graphics
  • Loaded with programming exercises

About the reader

To use this book, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi starter kit, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. No programming experience needed.

About the author

Ryan Heitz is a teacher, programmer, maker, father, and big kid. He specializes in teaching kids to code in a fun and engaging way.

Select New Books and Courses

Swift in Depth

Swift in Depth Swift in Depth by Tjeerd in ‘t Veen. This book covers Swift, IOS.

Publisher’s Description

Swift is more than just a fun language to build iOS applications with. It features a host of powerful tools that, if you know how to effectively use them, can help create even better apps with clean, crystal-clear code and awesome features. Swift in Depth is designed to help you unlock these tools and quirks and get developing next-gen apps!

About the technology

Apple’s Swift is the standard language for iOS and Mac development. It’s is a modern marvel—easy to pick up, comfortable to use, and loaded with features. After you master the basics, there’s a rich, deep world of Swift skills for delivering cleaner, faster code. This book distills the hard-won experience of seasoned Swift developer Tjeerd in ‘t Veen into a collection of high-value, hard-to-find techniques that will help set you and your Swift applications apart.

About the book

Swift in Depth builds on your core Swift language skills, introducing you to powerful techniques like using higher-order functions, generics, efficient error handling, and protocol-oriented programming. You’ll explore each new concept through concrete examples, enlightened explanations, and engaging exercises. Some of this stuff is difficult, so you’ll really appreciate the careful, crystal clear writing and precise illustrations. When you’re finished, you’ll be a more productive Swift developer, and a happier Swift developer, as well!

What’s inside

  • Adding advanced Swift features to your code
  • Writing reusable code with generics
  • Iterators, sequences, and collections
  • Protocol oriented programming

About the reader

Readers should have some prior experience with the basics of Swift.

About the author

Tjeerd in ‘t Veen is a senior software engineer and architect who builds iOS apps. Having worked together with many developers, he currently helps creating clean, scalable architectures in the mobile division of a large international banking firm.

ASP.NET Core Identity Management Playbook

ASP.NET Core Identity Management Playbook ASP.NET Core Identity Management Playbook by Chris Klug. This video covers ASP.NET Core 2.0.

Publisher’s Description

ASP.NET Core 2.0 has changed the way you add authentication and authorization to your applications, and it can be a bit hard to figure out how to do it. This course, ASP.NET Core Identity Management Playbook, tries to make this easier by showing you step by step walkthroughs of how you set it up. You will learn how to set up several different kinds of authentication, ranging from local logins to Azure AD. You will also get to see how you can add authorization to your application to make sure that you not only know who the user is, but also can control what he or she is allowed to do. Finally, we will cover using social identity providers like Facebook and Twitter, and the process of letting 3rd party identity providers handle the problems involved in storing user credentials. Each module is aimed to be self contained, and show one particular thing, making it easy to figure out what parts you want to explore. By the end of this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to authenticate and authorize users for your ASP.NET Core applications.

About the Author

Chris Klug is a software developer and architect from Sweden who has spent the better part of his life solving problems by writing software. He loves the creative side of coding as well as the challenges offered by building complex UIs. He also spends a significant amount of his time presenting at developer conferences around the world–something that has apparently caught Microsoft’s attention as they have awarded him Microsoft MVP for five years running. It’s an award he is very proud of, and he hopes to keep being awarded if possible. But when asked, he has no problem admitting that he would rather be kite-boarding on a nice beach or having one of his tattoos extended than playing with his computer.

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