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DevOps for Networking
BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners
Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches
Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches
Securing DevOps

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Free DevOps for Networking DevOps for Networking

Free Packt eBook by Steven Armstrong (valid through 10/02 at 19:00 EST). This book covers DevOps, Software-Defined Networking, Ansible, Jenkins.

Publisher’s Description

Frustrated that your company’s network changes are still a manual set of activities that slow developers down? It doesn’t need to be that way any longer, as this book will help your company and network teams embrace DevOps and continuous delivery approaches, enabling them to automate all network functions.

This book aims to show readers network automation processes they could implement in their organizations. It will teach you the fundamentals of DevOps in networking and how to improve DevOps processes and workflows by providing automation in your network. You will be exposed to various networking strategies that are stopping your organization from scaling new projects quickly.

You will see how SDN and APIs are influencing DevOps transformations, which will in turn help you improve the scalability and efficiency of your organizations networks operations. You will also find out how to leverage various configuration management tools such as Ansible, to automate your network.

The book will also look at containers and the impact they are having on networking as well as looking at how automation impacts network security in a software-defined network.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about public and private cloud networking using AWS and OpenStack as examples
  • Explore strategies that can be used by engineers or managers to initiate the cultural changes required to enable the automation of network functions
  • Learn about SDN and how an API-driven approach to networking can help solve common networking problems
  • Get the hang of configuration management tools, such as Ansible and Jenkins, that can be used to orchestrate and configure network devices
  • Setup continuous integration, delivery, and deployment pipelines for network functions
  • Create test environments for network changes
  • Understand how load balancing is becoming more software defined with the emergence of microservice applications

About the Author

Steven Armstrong is a DevOps solution architect, a process automation specialist, and an honors graduate in Computer and Electronic Systems (BEng) from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

He has a proven track record of streamlining company’s development architecture and processes so that they can deliver software at pace. Specializing in agile, continuous integration, infrastructure as code, networking as code, Continuous Delivery, and deployment, he has worked for 10 years for leading consulting, financial services, benefits and gambling companies in the IT sector to date.

After graduating, Steven started his career at Accenture Technology solutions as part of the Development Control Services graduate scheme, where he worked for 4 years, then as a configuration management architect helping Accenture’s clients automate their build and deployment processes for Siebel, SAP, WebSphere, Weblogic, and Oracle B2B applications.

During his time at Accenture, he worked within the development control services group working for clients, such as the Norwegian Government, EDF Energy, Bord Gais, and SABMiller. The EDF Energy implementation led by Steven won awards for “best project industrialization” and “best use of Accenture shared services”.

After leaving Accenture, Steven moved on to the financial services company, Cofunds, where he spent 2 years creating continuous integration and Continuous Delivery processes for .Net applications and Microsoft SQL databases to help deploy the financial services platform.

After leaving Cofunds, Steven moved on to Thomsons Online Benefits, where he helped create a new DevOps function for the company. Steven also played an integral part in architecting a new private cloud solution to support Thomsons Online Benefits production applications and set up a Continuous Delivery process that allowed the Darwin benefits software to be deployed to the new private cloud platform within minutes.

Steven currently works as the technical lead for Paddy Power Betfair’s i2 project, where he has led a team to create a new greenfield private cloud platform for Paddy Power Betfair. The implementation is based on OpenStack and Nuage VSP for software-defined networking, and the platform was set up to support Continuous Delivery of all Paddy Power Betfair applications. The i2 project implementation was a finalist for the OpenStack Super User Award and won a RedHat Innovation Award for Modernization.

Steven is an avid speaker at public events and has spoken at technology events across the world, such as DevSecCon London, OpenStack Meetup in Cluj, the OpenStack Summit in Austin, HP Discover London, and most recently gave a keynote at OpenStack Days Bristol.

$9.99 BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners

BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners $9.99 Apress eBook by Sloan Kelly. This book covers BlitzMax, OpenGL.

Publisher’s Description

  • Learn how to program computer games from scratch with BlitzMax in this one of a kind book
  • Produce high quality arcade games with sound and graphics
  • Utilize the power of OpenGL to create fantastic 3D effects

Go through the steps necessary to create high-speed 2D retro-style games. This easy-to-read-and-follow one of a kind book on BlitzMax game programming also covers some 3D programming. BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners includes game application projects such as The Great Escape, Tank Attack, and Paratrooper. These will help you build your skills as you go. Have you ever wanted to program your own computer game? Never felt you could? Well, now you can.

What You’ll Learn

  • Program computer games from scratch with BlitzMax
  • Produce high-quality arcade games with sound and graphics
  • Utilize the power of OpenGL to create fantastic 3D effects

Who This Book Is For

Those new to game programming and those new to BlitzMax.

About the Authors

Sloan Kelly is an experienced software developer with over 18 years of progressive experience. Hands-on professional with a proven record of success and delivery. Skills include C#, C/C++, Unity3D, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF/MVVM), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), DirectX, XNA, Collada, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML.

50% off Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches 50% off Manning’s eBook by Iain Foulds. This book covers Microsoft Azure.

Publisher’s Description

You don’t need to learn EVERYTHING about Azure to do some incredible stuff. Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches gets you started by breaking down the most important concepts and tasks into 21 bite-sized lessons, complete with examples, exercises, and labs. You’ll be productive immediately, and when you finish you’ll be well on the way to Azure mastery!

About the technology

Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure transfer data and application hosting to remote virtual servers, reducing the cost and risk of maintaining your own data center infrastructure. Azure also provides over 100 pre-built services for tasks like creating specialized databases, machine learning, supercomputing, pay-as-you-go computing, and template-driven web applications. All the security, high availability, and redundancy you need is integrated into the core Azure platform, so you can focus on building what you want without worrying about your application failing you when you need it the most.

About the book

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches is an innovative tutorial designed for busy IT pros. By working through each of the the engaging and easy-to-follow tutorials, you’ll learn how to handle Microsoft Azure and its core services. You’ll start by setting up an Azure VM and building your first Azure web app, as you explore Azure services for storage, virtual networks, troubleshooting, and deploying your application. Then, expert author Iain Foulds introduces you to cool Azure features like AI and machine learning, serverless-computing, containers, and automation.

What’s inside

  • Creating virtual machines and web apps
  • Running scalable and redundant applications with scale sets and Cosmos DB
  • Cloud-native applications with Azure container solutions
  • Azure AI and machine learning
  • Securing your applications and data

About the reader

Readers should be comfortable with a modern operating system like Windows or Linux and the general design of a web application.

About the author

Iain Foulds is a senior content developer with Microsoft, writing for Azure. He spent over a decade as an engineer building and running virtualization environments and delivering training in Azure.

50% off Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches

Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches 50% off Manning’s eBook by David Clinton. This book covers Amazon Web Services, EC2, IAM, CloudWatch, AWS CLI, CloudFront.

Publisher’s Description

Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches guides you through the process of building a robust and secure web application using the core AWS services you really need to know. You’ll be amazed by how much you can accomplish with AWS!

About the technology

Cloud computing has transformed the way we build and deliver software. With the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, you can trade expensive glass room hardware and custom infrastructure for virtual servers and easy-to-configure storage, security, and networking services. Better, because you don’t own the hardware, you only pay for the computing power you need! Just learn a few key ideas and techniques and you can have applications up and running in AWS in minutes.

About the book

Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches gets you started with AWS fast. In just 21 bite-size lessons, you’ll learn the concepts and practical techniques you need to deploy and manage applications. You’ll learn by doing real-world labs that guide you from the core AWS tool set through setting up security and storage and planning for growth. You’ll even deploy a public-facing application that’s highly available, scalable, and load balanced.

What’s inside

  • First steps with AWS - no experience required
  • Deploy web apps using EC2, RDS, S3, and Route 53
  • Cheap and fast system backups
  • Setting up cloud automation

About the reader

If you know your way around Windows or Linux and have a basic idea of how web applications work, you’re ready to start using AWS.

About the author

David Clinton is a system administrator, teacher, and writer. He has administered, written about, and created training materials for many important technology subjects including Linux systems, cloud computing (AWS in particular), and container technologies like Docker. Many of his video training courses can be found on Pluralsight.com, and links to his other books (on Linux administration and server virtualization) can be found at https://bootstrap-it.com.

50% off Securing DevOps Safe services in the Cloud

Securing DevOps 50% off Manning’s eBook by Julien Vehent. This book covers DevOps, Security, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, IaaS.

Publisher’s Description

Modern DevOps make it possible to run online services at low cost, and let small startups compete with tech giants. The role of the security team in DevOps organizations is to be the safety net that protects the company’s assets while allowing it to succeed. Securing DevOps is about helping organizations operate securely and protect the data their customers entrust to them. Security teams need to adopt the techniques of DevOps and switch their focus from defending only the infrastructure to protecting the entire organization by improving it continuously.

About the book

Securing DevOps explores how the techniques of DevOps and Security should be applied together to make cloud services safer. This introductory book reviews state of the art practices used in securing web applications and their infrastructure, and teaches you techniques to integrate security directly into your product. You’ll also learn the core concepts of DevOps, such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as a Service. You’ll build an example service - an invoice management API - as you learn how to implement both DevOps and Security concepts together. By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to build security controls at all layers, monitor and respond to attacks on cloud services, and add security organization-wide through risk management and training.

What’s inside

  • The DevOps approach to Continuous Security
  • Construction of a DevOps pipeline via an example application
  • Implementation of Test Driven Security at the web application, cloud infrastructure, and delivery pipeline layers
  • Common attacks on cloud services and methods to protect against them
  • Techniques used in intrusion and fraud detection, digital forensics, and incident response
  • Assessing and managing risks in a DevOps organization

About the reader

Readers should have intermediate skills in systems administration, and be comfortable with Linux and the hosting of websites. An understanding of Amazon Web Services and automation frameworks like Puppet and Chef, along with basic programming skills, is helpful, but not required.

About the author

Julien Vehent is the leader of security architecture for Mozilla’s Cloud Services division. He is responsible for defining, implementing and operating the security of web services that millions of Firefox users interact with daily. Julien has been focusing on developing, operating and securing Internet services for the past fifteen years, starting as a Linux sysadmin and graduating with a Master’s in Information Security in 2007.

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