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Learning Jupyter
Magento 1 DIY
Swift in Depth
Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift
iOS Development with Swift
Inventor Essentials - Multi-body Part Design


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Free Learning Jupyter

Learning Jupyter Free Packt eBook by Dan Toomey (valid through 10/03 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Jupyter Notebook, R, Python, Julia, JavaScript, Scala, Big Data.

Publisher’s Description

Jupyter Notebook is a web-based environment that enables interactive computing in notebook documents. It allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and explanatory text. The Jupyter Notebook system is extensively used in domains such as data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, machine learning, and much more.

This book starts with a detailed overview of the Jupyter Notebook system and its installation in different environments. Next we’ll help you will learn to integrate Jupyter system with different programming languages such as R, Python, JavaScript, and Julia and explore the various versions and packages that are compatible with the Notebook system. Moving ahead, you master interactive widgets, namespaces, and working with Jupyter in a multiuser mode.

Towards the end, you will use Jupyter with a big data set and will apply all the functionalities learned throughout the book.

What You Will Learn

  • Install and run the Jupyter Notebook system on your machine
  • Implement programming languages such as R, Python, Julia, and JavaScript with Jupyter Notebook
  • Use interactive widgets to to manipulate and visualize data in real time
  • Start sharing your Notebook with colleagues
  • Invite your colleagues to work with you in the same Notebook
  • Organize your Notebook using Jupyter namespaces
  • Access big data in Jupyter

About the Author

Dan Toomey has been developing applications for over 20 years. He has worked in a variety of industries and size companies in roles from sole contributor to VP/CTO level. For the last 10 years or so, he has been contracting to companies in the eastern Massachusetts area. Dan has been contracting under Dan Toomey Software Corp. Again, as a contractor developer in the area. Dan has also written R for Data Sciences with Packt Publishing.

$9.99 Magento 1 DIY

Magento 1 DIY $9.99 Apress eBook by Viktor Khliupko. This book covers Magento 1.

Publisher’s Description

  • Each tip, technique and tool has been used in the development of live successful businesses and startups
  • Can be used to solve problems on all 1.x versions of Magento
  • Includes complete workable examples used on real-world businesses and start-ups

Learn how Magento 1 works and how to manage it via easy and advanced techniques. Magento continues to be a top choice for eCommerce solutions in small and large businesses, and many systems are still running on Magento 1.x. This book is specifically designed for these versions.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, marketers, and other experts interested in eCommerce, Magento 1 DIY shows you how to set up and configure Magento 1 for your own project.

You will also learn how to use extensions, templates and enterprise features guided by easy-to-understand, real-world examples.

What You Will Learn:

  • Set up, configure, use templates, designs and extensions
  • Optimize security and performance
  • Integrate with PIM, ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems

About the Author

Viktor Khliupko is an eCommerce expert, consultant, and developer. He is also a traveler and metal music fan. He has built successful Magento-based eCommerce businesses and startups worldwide. He is the founder of the FireBear Studio, and co-founder of Alamio.

50% off Swift in Depth

Swift in Depth 50% off Manning’s eBook by Tjeerd in ‘t Veen. This book covers Swift, IOS.

Publisher’s Description

Swift is more than just a fun language to build iOS applications with. It features a host of powerful tools that, if you know how to effectively use them, can help create even better apps with clean, crystal-clear code and awesome features. Swift in Depth is designed to help you unlock these tools and quirks and get developing next-gen apps!

About the technology

Apple’s Swift is the standard language for iOS and Mac development. It’s is a modern marvel—easy to pick up, comfortable to use, and loaded with features. After you master the basics, there’s a rich, deep world of Swift skills for delivering cleaner, faster code. This book distills the hard-won experience of seasoned Swift developer Tjeerd in ‘t Veen into a collection of high-value, hard-to-find techniques that will help set you and your Swift applications apart.

About the book

Swift in Depth builds on your core Swift language skills, introducing you to powerful techniques like using higher-order functions, generics, efficient error handling, and protocol-oriented programming. You’ll explore each new concept through concrete examples, enlightened explanations, and engaging exercises. Some of this stuff is difficult, so you’ll really appreciate the careful, crystal clear writing and precise illustrations. When you’re finished, you’ll be a more productive Swift developer, and a happier Swift developer, as well!

What’s inside

  • Adding advanced Swift features to your code
  • Writing reusable code with generics
  • Iterators, sequences, and collections
  • Protocol oriented programming

About the reader

Readers should have some prior experience with the basics of Swift.

About the author

Tjeerd in ‘t Veen is a senior software engineer and architect who builds iOS apps. Having worked together with many developers, he currently helps creating clean, scalable architectures in the mobile division of a large international banking firm.

50% off Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift Essential techniques for practicing programmers

Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift 50% off Manning’s eBook by David Kopec. This book covers Swift, Algorithms.

Publisher’s Description

It can be exhausting chasing the next AMAZING new thing: NEW language, NEW framework, NEW platform, NEW device. Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift invites you to invest your energy in some foundational techniques that have been proven to stand the test of time. This engaging, imminently-practical book teaches you to recognize and solve the most common categories of problems you’ll face as a programmer, including search, clustering, and even AI. Working through the easily digested examples in every chapter, you’ll get hands-on practice that will serve you well in app development, optimization, and tool building. Along the way you’ll learn intermediate and advanced features of the Swift programming language, a worthwhile skill in its own right.

About the technology

Apple’s Swift language is the de-facto standard for iOS and Mac development, and it’s rapidly becoming a great choice for any general-purpose programming task. Swift empowers you to use Object-oriented, Protocol-oriented, and Functional approaches to development, meaning you can choose the best programming style for the task without switching languages mid-stream. By exploring these classic computer science problems in Swift, you’ll deepen your skill as a programmer and also discover the breadth of the fantastic Swift language in way that’s far more interesting and engaging than the typical language reference.

What’s inside

  • Search algorithms including breadth-first search, depth-first search, and A*
  • Constraints satisfaction problems
  • Common techniques for solving graph problems
  • Implementing genetic algorithms
  • K-means clustering
  • Simple neural networks

About the reader

Written for developers comfortable with the basics of Swift and interested in learning proven problem-solving techniques, deepening their knowledge of computer science, or preparing for coding interviews, while expanding their Swift skillset.

About the author

David Kopec is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Innovation at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. He is an experienced iOS developer and the author of Dart for Absolute Beginners.

50% off iOS Development with Swift

iOS Development with Swift 50% off Manning’s eBook by Craig Grummitt. This book covers Swift 4, IOS.

Publisher’s Description

First, the statistics. According to Apple, there are currently 380,000 registered iOS developers and over a billion iOS devices in use worldwide. Swift, the language of iOS development, is the fastest growing programming language, and the App Store has taken in more than $8 billion in sales. If you’re a developer, learning how to write iPhone and iPad apps in Swift is a safe bet for job security. And because mobile app development is a rapidly-changing field that combines programming, UI design, and a bit of showmanship, it’s also a great bet for job satisfaction. Ready to get started?

iOS Development with Swift is a hands-on guide to creating apps for iPhone and iPad using the Swift language. You’ll start by getting a birds-eye view of how an iOS application works and what it takes to build one. Then, you’ll get a quick tour of Swift that highlights its similarities and differences compared to other C-style languages. With the basics well in hand, you’ll work through progressively more challenging examples as you learn how to design iOS apps, build good layouts, handle navigation, and interact with the device’s camera. Along the way, you’ll deepen your knowledge of iOS and the Swift language through a series of tips, sidebars, and exercises.

What’s inside

  • Introduction to mobile app development for iPhone and iPad
  • Adaptive designs that respond to different environments
  • Storing and managing data
  • Connecting to web services
  • Publishing to the App Store
  • Testing and debugging Swift code

About the reader

Written for readers with experience using a language like Java, Python, or C#. No prior iOS development or Swift experience required.

About the author

Craig Grummitt has been developing interactive applications for over 20 years, including touch-screen exhibits, Facebook games, online learning, and mobile apps. He’s a successful online instructor and mentor, and his iOS apps have had over 50,000 downloads.

Free Inventor Essentials - Multi-body Part Design

Inventor Essentials - Multi-body Part Design Free Pluralsight course (one week) by Joris Steurs. This course covers Autodesk Inventor 2017.

Publisher’s Description

Multi-body Part Design allows you to model complex parts that can be utilized in practice. In this course, Inventor Essentials - Multi-body Part Design, you’ll learn how designing a part with the use of separate bodies gives you possibilities to model more complex parts in Autodesk’s Inventor. First, you’ll explore the different ways of building a part that holds more than one body, and you’ll discover that there are three different ways of getting to a multi-body part. Next, you’ll dig in deeper into each of these three different possibilities where you’ll implement this knowledge into some practical examples, each example will be built with the multi-body technique. In one example you’ll be changing the volume and some details on a bottle that is non-native to Inventor. In other examples you’ll use the multi-body technique to do something completely different. Finally, you’ll learn some tips that you can apply when you want to reuse or copy your multi-body design in a different configuration or with a different dimension. By the end of this course, you’ll have a good overview of the possibilities of a multi-body design approach. Software required: Autodesk Inventor 2017.

About the Author

Joris Steurs: Living in Estonia now, but born In Belgium in 1966, Joris was, before the end of the seventies, already known in his hometown for repairing bicycles and mopeds of the youngsters in the neighborhood. He studied mechanics, held a number of technical roles in different companies, while always doing some of his own projects as a side jobs. Side jobs then turned into having his own company starting in 1997. Since then, Joris has been designing - and often building things like architectural metal constructions, staircases, and more.

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