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PHP 7 Programming Blueprints
Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c
Angular Development with Typescript, Second Edition
Angular in Action
Testing Angular Applications


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Free PHP 7 Programming Blueprints

PHP 7 Programming Blueprints Free Packt eBook by Jose Palala, Martin Helmich (valid through 10/11 at 19:00 EST). This book covers PHP 7, Elasticsearch, RESTful Web Services, Microservices, RxPHP.

Publisher’s Description

When it comes to modern web development, performance is everything. The latest version of PHP has been improvised and updated to make it easier to build for performance, improved engine execution, better memory usage, and a new and extended set of tools. If you’re a web developer, what’s not to love? This guide will show you how to make full use of PHP 7 with a range of practical projects that will not only teach you the principles, but also show you how to put them into practice. It will push and extend your skills, helping you to become a more confident and fluent PHP developer.

You’ll find out how to build a social newsletter service, a simple blog with a search capability using Elasticsearch, as well as a chat application. We’ll also show you how to create a RESTful web service, a database class to manage a shopping cart on an e-commerce site and how to build an asynchronous microservice architecture.

With further guidance on using reactive extensions in PHP, we’re sure that you’ll find everything you need to take full advantage of PHP 7. So dive in now!

What You Will Learn

  • Build versatile projects using the newest features PHP 7 has to offer
  • Learn how to use PHP 7’s event-driven asynchronous features
  • Find out how to improve the performance of your code with effective techniques and design patterns
  • Get to grips with backend development and find out how to optimize session handling
  • Learn how to use the PHP 7 Abstract Syntax Tree to improve the quality of your code and make it more maintainable
  • Find out how to build a RESTful web service
  • Build your own asynchronous microservice

About the Authors

Jose Palala has been working professionally with PHP for at least 8 years. He has experience working with PHP frameworks such as Eden PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel and Zend.

He has worked for Philippine-based IT companies for at least 8 years, working on projects ranging from internal corporate systems and CMS websites. In his spare time, he regularly contributes back to the tech community in the Philippines.

Martin Helmich holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück. He lives in Rahden, Germany, and works as a Software Architect specializing in building distributed applications using web technologies and Microservice Architectures. Besides programming in Go, PHP, Python and Node.JS, he also builds infrastructures using configuration management tools like SaltStack and container technologies like Docker.

He is an Open Source enthusiast and likes to make fun of people who are not using Linux. In his free time, you’ll probably find him coding on one of his open source pet projects, listening to music or reading science-fiction literature.

$9.99 Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c

Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c $9.99 Apress eBook by Vinay Kumar, Daniel Merchán García. This book covers Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c, Enterprise Web Portal, Oracle Fusion Middleware, JDeveloper, JSR-286, ADF Task Flows, REST API, Enterprise Content Management, Oracle Document Cloud, OBIEE 12c, Oracle E-Business Suite.

Publisher’s Description

  • The only book for learning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c
  • The only book which covers the new features of Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c
  • Covers real-world examples of Oracle WebCenter Portal Development

Develop enterprise portals with Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c software and enrich those applications with social computing services, including discussions, documents, blogs, wikis, tags, and links. This book covers all functionalities and aspects from a developer, architect, and administrator point of view.

Enterprise portal technology is used for creating intranet and extranet portals which enhance collaboration within a company. The book is intended to complete and fill in the gaps of the official documentation from an administrator and developer perspective.

Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c provides an overview of the architecture behind Oracle WebCenter Suite and the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform. Sample code written in Java is included along with best practices developed from the authors’ experience of using Oracle WebCenter Portal for building enterprise portals.

What you will learn:

  • Enterprise Portal and Oracle WebCenter Portal concepts
  • Basic administrator knowledge
  • Basic developer knowledge
  • Overview of the tools and services offered by Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • How to develop Portal Assets using JDeveloper IDE
  • How to develop new components(Portlets JSR-286 and ADF Task Flows) using JDeveloper IDE
  • REST API integration with Portal
  • Enterprise content management with Portal

Who this book is for:

Developers, architects, project managers and portal administrators in the Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) area. IT professionals working in FMW or WebLogic stack can also make use of this book.

About the Authors

Vinay Kumar is a Technology Evangelist. He has extensive experience of 8+ years in designing and implementing large-scale projects in Enterprise Technologies in various consulting and system-integration companies. His passion has helped him to achieve certifications in Oracle ADF, WebCenter Portal, and Java/JEE. He has good experience in Java, JEE, and in various technologies on OpenStack. Vinay has been contributing to the Java/Oracle ADF/WebCenter community by publishing technical articles at his personal blog. He was awarded Oracle ACE status in June 2014.

Daniel Merchán García works as an Oracle WebCenter expert at VASSIT UK Services LTD, part of the VASS Group. He is responsible for leading the technical architecture and development of the most complex components and functionalities to be added to WebCenter products. He also helps the Oracle community through OTN Community Forums, where he is always working to find solutions to complex questions and make it easier for the community to understand WebCenter and its use. Daniel maintains and sychronizes two blogs related to Oracle WebCenter, one in Spanish and one in English, providing content in both languages so as to have it shared widely around the world.

50% off Angular Development with Typescript, Second Edition

Angular Development with Typescript, Second Edition 50% off Manning’s eBook by Yakov Fain, Anton Moiseev. This book covers Angular, TypeScript, Angular CLI, NgRx, Angular Material.

Publisher’s Description

Angular Development with Typescript, Second Edition is an intermediate-level tutorial that introduces Angular and TypeScript to developers comfortable with building web applications using other frameworks and tools. You’ll start by exploring what makes Angular different by building an online auction app. As you move through the chapters, you’ll explore TypeScript as you learn to write type-aware classes, interfaces, generics, and more.

About the technology

Whether you’re building lightweight web clients or full-featured SPAs, Angular is a liberating experience for developers used to other web frameworks. Angular feels like a natural extension to HTML, so you don’t feel like you’re constantly context-switching as you build up your applications. Angular’s declarative style makes it easy to define and add features without dozens of lines of manually written boilerplate, and the fully integrated TypeScript language gives you the benefits of a statically typed language within the JavaScript ecosystem. Plus, adding Angular and TypeScript to your resume makes you a hot commodity. Learn Angular, and your apps will be better, you’ll be more productive, and you’ll be in demand too!

About the book

This practical book covers real-world development concerns like state management, data and views, user interaction with forms, and communicating with servers, as well as testing and deploying your applications. This new edition has been fully revised to cover the latest Angular CLI along with current best practices and updates to Angular 5.

What’s inside

  • Angular CLI
  • TypeScript programming
  • Creating a modern-looking UI with Angular Material
  • Dependency Injection
  • Reactive programming
  • Working with the Angular Forms API
  • Maintaining the app state with ngrx

About the reader

Written for intermediate web developers. No prior TypeScript or AngularJS experience is required.

About the authors

Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev are experienced web application developers. Yakov has written several books on software development.


An eBook copy of the previous edition, Angular 2 Development with TypeScript (First Edition), is included at no additional cost. It will be automatically added to your Manning Bookshelf within 24 hours of purchase.

50% off Angular in Action Covers Angular 2

Angular in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Jeremy Wilken. This book covers Angular, TypeScript, Angular CLI.

Publisher’s Description

Angular in Action teaches you modern application development with Angular. You’ll begin with the basics of Angular and the technologies and techniques you’ll use throughout the book, such as key features of TypeScript, newer ES6 syntax and concepts, and details about the tools needed to write professional Angular applications. Next, you’ll build an Angular application from scratch. You’ll learn about the primary pieces of an Angular application and see how they work together. Using lots of examples, you’ll learn the core parts of Angular, such as Components, the Router, and Services. You’ll also learn techniques like server-side rendering. Finally, you’ll gain insight into advanced skills that should be part of any professional Angular developer’s toolkit, such as testing, tooling options, and performance tuning.

About the technology

When you move beyond building simple web sites or small applications, things get complicated. Managing data gets messy, handling browser incompatibilities takes time, you have to juggle competing user interactions, integrating the work of multiple developers is tricky, and you need a defined process to manage, test, and deploy your code. That’s where the Angular platform can help you. This application-oriented platform lets you focus on development by handling these common issues, making it ideal for writing large-scale web applications that can be maintained, extended, and tested. And because it’s popular, it offers a well-supported code base, vibrant community, and rich ecosystem. Best of all, the new version of Angular emphasizes performance and focuses on mobile apps by being compact and memory efficient. And it’s designed for the future by paying attention to browser standards that are coming soon, rather than older standards that will soon be obsolete.

What’s inside

  • What you need to know to succeed with Angular
  • Jumpstarting your first Angular application
  • Hands-on with Angular’s features
  • Tooling you need to know and use for testing and debugging
  • How to build Angular for production and how to manage large applications

About the reader

This book assumes you know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. No prior exposure to AngularJS or other web frameworks is required. Knowledge of TypeScript and ES6 is helpful but not required.

About the Author

Jeremy Wilken is a web application engineer with a focus on building web applications at companies like eBay, Teradata, and VMware. He is a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web Technologies and regularly speaks at events and writes around the web. He is also the author of Ionic in Action, a mobile application framework. He lives in Austin, Texas with his family and enjoys brewing his own beers.

50% off Testing Angular Applications

Testing Angular Applications 50% off Manning’s eBook by Jesse Palmer, Corinna Cohn, Michael Giambalvo, Craig Nishina. This book covers Angular, TypeScript, Angular CLI, Protractor.

Publisher’s Description

The Angular framework is great for building large-scale web applications that can be maintained and extended. And when you’re building enterprise-level apps, testing is vital to the development process. Testing improves the quality of code and reduces maintenance, saving both time and money. Even though testing is crucial, it’s sometimes neglected since there are few established resources and standards when it comes to modern JavaScript web applications. Developers who know how to build and leverage tests are highly valued by their clients and companies.

About the book

Testing Angular Applications is an example-rich, hands-on guide that gives you the real-world techniques you need to thoroughly test all parts of your Angular applications. You’ll start with an introduction to Angular, TypeScript, testing fundamentals, and the testing frameworks and tools used in the book and begin writing your first tests. Next, you’ll learn how to set-up your Angular environment, including TypeScript and the Angular dependencies and you’ll create your first component. The second part of the book focuses on the most important concepts of Angular, such as testing components, directives, pipes, services, and routing. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to confidently write unit and end-to-end tests for Angular applications in TypeScript.

What’s inside

  • Getting to know TypeScript
  • Writing and debugging tests
  • Testing components, directives, services and pipes
  • Unit testing
  • End-to-end testing

About the reader

This book is for readers with intermediate JavaScript skills and some experience with JavaScript frameworks. No experience with testing or Angular required.

About the authors

Jesse Palmer has more than 15 years of web development experience with Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Government, and small businesses. He is a Master Software Engineer at Capital One in Retail & Direct Technology Group who also contributes to Angular.

Corinna Cohn has been creating websites since 1995 and has written enterprise web apps for radio stations, scientific publishing, education, and business-to-business, with a focus on single-page applications since 2013. Corinna has written ugly, cryptic software in the past, but has committed to writing human-readable, unit-tested, and maintainable code from now on.

Mike Giambalvo is a developer at Google working on the UI for Google Cloud Platform. He contributes to Angular and Protractor, the end to end test framework for Angular applications. In his copious free time, he enjoys hiking and building robots.

Craig Nishina is a developer at Google working on Ads. In a previous career, Craig worked as a civil engineer designing buildings, but he much prefers writing code over building structures. When he is not contributing to Protractor and webdriver-manager, he enjoys playing golf and traveling.

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