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Android Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition
Automated Trading with R
Redux in Motion
Redux in Action
ES6 in Motion


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Free Android Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition

Android Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition Free Packt eBook by Rick Boyer, Kyle Mew (valid through 11/07 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Android Marshmallow, Android Studio IDE, OpenGL ES, Volley, Geofencing, Google Maps, Google Cloud Messaging, Google Speech Recognition.

Publisher’s Description

The Android OS has the largest installation base of any operating system in the world; there has never been a better time to learn Android development to write your own applications, or to make your own contributions to the open source community!

This “cookbook” will make it easy for you to jump to a topic of interest and get what you need to implement the feature in your own application. If you are new to Android and learn best by “doing,” then this book will provide many topics of interest.

Starting with the basics of Android development, we move on to more advanced concepts, and we’ll guide you through common tasks developers struggle to solve. The first few chapters cover the basics including Activities, Layouts, Widgets, and the Menu. From there, we cover fragments and data storage (including SQLite), device sensors, the camera, and GPS. Then we move on more advanced topics such as graphics and animation (including OpenGL), multi-threading with AsyncTask, and Internet functionality with Volley. We’ll also demonstrate Google Maps and Google Cloud Messaging (also known as Push Notifications) using the Google API Library.

Finally, we’ll take a look at several online services designed especially for Android development. Take your application big-time with full Internet web services without having to become a server admin by leveraging the power of Backend as a Service (BaaS) providers.

What You Will Learn

  • Along with Marshmallow, get hands-on working with Google’s new Android Studio IDE
  • Develop applications using the latest Android framework while maintaining backward-compatibility with the support library
  • Master Android programming best practices from the recipes
  • Create exciting and engaging applications using knowledge gained from recipes on graphics, animations, and multimedia
  • Work through succinct steps on specifics that will help you complete your project faster
  • Keep your app responsive (and prevent ANRs) with examples on the AsynchTask class
  • Utilize Google Speech Recognition APIs for your app.
  • Make use of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to create Push Notifications for your users
  • Get a better understanding of the Android framework through detailed explanations

About the Authors

Rick Boyer is a senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience, including desktop, web, and mobile development. His first PDA ignited a passion for mobile development, which has extended to Windows CE, Windows Phone, and now Android. In 2011, he left the corporate world to start his own consulting business, NightSky Development. He now focuses exclusively on Android and provides consulting and development for start-ups and small businesses. Feel free to contact him through his page, www.eBoyer.Net.

Kyle Mew has been programming since the early ’80s and has written for several technology websites. Also, he has written three radio plays and four other books on Android development.

$9.99 Automated Trading with R Quantitative Research and Platform Development

Automated Trading with R $9.99 Apress eBook by Chris Conlan. This book covers R, Yahoo! Finance API, YQL Web Service, Quantmod, Simple Moving Average, Moving Average Convergence Divergence Oscillator, Bollinger Bands, Embarrassingly Parallel Processes, Exhaustive Search Optimization, Pattern Search Optimization, Nelder-Mead Optimization.

Publisher’s Description

  • Full source code and step-by-step explanation for a plug-and-play trading platform; the platform can be used in independent simulation, brokerage-assisted simulation, or end-to-end production trading
  • Includes lengthy tables and descriptions of performance metrics, indicators, rule sets, and brokerage plans, helping users get to production quicker
  • Includes performance assessments of popular strategies implemented on multi-asset portfolios, allowing users to swap components to customize, research, and deploy automated strategies

Learn to trade algorithmically with your existing brokerage, from data management, to strategy optimization, to order execution, using free and publicly available data. Connect to your brokerage’s API, and the source code is plug-and-play.

Automated Trading with R explains automated trading, starting with its mathematics and moving to its computation and execution. You will gain a unique insight into the mechanics and computational considerations taken in building a back-tester, strategy optimizer, and fully functional trading platform.

The platform built in this book can serve as a complete replacement for commercially available platforms used by retail traders and small funds. Software components are strictly decoupled and easily scalable, providing opportunity to substitute any data source, trading algorithm, or brokerage. This book will:

  • Provide a flexible alternative to common strategy automation frameworks, like Tradestation, Metatrader, and CQG, to small funds and retail traders
  • Offer an understanding of the internal mechanisms of an automated trading system
  • Standardize discussion and notation of real-world strategy optimization problems

What You Will Learn

  • Understand machine-learning criteria for statistical validity in the context of time-series
  • Optimize strategies, generate real-time trading decisions, and minimize computation time while programming an automated strategy in R and using its package library
  • Best simulate strategy performance in its specific use case to derive accurate performance estimates
  • Understand critical real-world variables pertaining to portfolio management and performance assessment, including latency, drawdowns, varying trade size, portfolio growth, and penalization of unused capital

Who This Book Is For

Traders/practitioners at the retail or small fund level with at least an undergraduate background in finance or computer science; graduate level finance or data science students.

About the Author

Chris Conlan began his career as an independent data scientist specializing in trading algorithms. He attended the University of Virginia where he completed his undergraduate statistics coursework in three semesters. During his time at UVA, he secured initial fundraising for a privately held high-frequency forex group as president and chief trading strategist. He is currently managing the development of private technology companies in high-frequency forex, machine vision, and dynamic reporting.

50% off Redux in Motion A test-driven approach

Redux in Motion 50% off Manning’s Video by Thomas Tuts. This video covers Redux, React.

Publisher’s Description

See it. Do it. Learn it! Redux in Motion introduces you to the powerful Redux library through high-quality video-based lessons and built-in exercises, so you can put what you learn into practice.

Redux in Motion guides you through a complete Redux-based web app, start to finish. You’ll learn the core principles of actions, reducer functions, and stores that make state management predictable. Expert video instructor Thomas Tuts takes a test-driven mindset, so you’ll learn to write tests as you go. As you progress you’ll add custom logging and tracking middleware and learn how to combine React with Redux to connect UI components. This engaging course combines real-time teaching and rich animations to make learning entertaining and effective!

About the subject

In a typical web application, managing and maintaining state means juggling multiple objects and data stores. The Redux JavaScript library consolidates state management into a single, easily-managed object, radically simplifying tasks like caching data, server responses, and sharing data among components. Redux promotes reliability and testability, and virtually eliminates most state-related bugs. Redux integrates seamlessly with React.js, and it also works well with other frameworks like Angular, Backbone, and Vue.js.


Written for developers comfortable with JavaScript and HTML, as well as experience using React.

What you will learn

  • The fundamentals of working with Redux
  • Writing maintainable code
  • Using Redux in the real-world
  • Handling asynchronous data
  • A test-first approach to web development
  • Combining React and Redux

About the instructor

Thomas Tuts is a front-end/Node developer based in Belgium. Aside from coding, he also teaches and coaches other programmers to become better at what they do.

50% off Redux in Action

Redux in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Marc Garreau, Will Faurot. This book covers Redux, React, JavaScript.

Publisher’s Description

The “state” of a typical web application - the representation of its data at any given time - is stored in multiple data stores that must be individually monitored and maintained. The Redux JavaScript library consolidates state in a single object, radically simplifying one of the largest sources of bugs. Whether you’re passing data through several layers of components or sharing and syncing data between unrelated parts of the app, Redux makes state management a breeze. Redux promotes predictability, testability, and the ability to debug your dynamic applications, letting you focus on building great apps. Redux is most closely associated with React.js, although you can use it with just about any framework, including Angular, Backbone, and Vue.js.

With Redux in Action, you’ll discover how to integrate Redux into your React application and development environment. Starting by building a basic task management application, you’ll dive into the Redux workflow, asynchronous actions, and the Redux developer tools. As you move through the practical examples inside, you’ll also learn how to prepare data for components, write custom middleware, and optimize for performance. With the insights you glean from the experience of authors Marc Garreau and Will Faurot, you’ll be more than confident in your ability to solve your state management woes with Redux, and focus on developing the apps you need to!

What’s inside

  • Building with Redux and React
  • Writing custom Redux middleware
  • Handling complex side-effects using sagas
  • Enforcing data integrity by normalizing data
  • Unit testing a React and Redux application

About the reader

Written for web developers comfortable with JavaScript and ES6, as well as experience using React.

About the authors

Marc Garreau has architected and executed half a dozen unique client-side applications leveraging Redux for state management.

Will Faurot is experienced in equal parts production Redux, and mentoring Redux developers of all skill levels.

50% off ES6 in Motion

ES6 in Motion 50% off Manning’s Video by Wes Higbee. This video covers JavaScript ES6.

Publisher’s Description

See it. Do it. Learn it! ES6 in Motion is a unique video course that combines best-in-class video-based instruction with exercises designed to lock in what you learn. Expert developer and instructor Wes Higbee guides you through the most powerful ES6 features, like promises, arrow functions, and modules, giving you opportunities to practice and explore as you go. This self-paced tutorial includes over 7 hours of video teaching, neatly broken into digestible 5-7 minute lessons. Most video lectures drown you in words and leave you unsure if you really know what you’re doing; with ES6 in Motion you’ll be confident that you’ve learned because you can test your skills before you move on. If you’ve been struggling to wrap your head around ES6, or you’re just looking for a fast way to level-up your JavaScript, it’s time to get moving.

About the subject

ES6, aka ECMAScript 2015, is the latest JavaScript language standard, offering dozens of powerful new language features. ES6 introduces proper classes, template strings, types, full support for Unicode, and more. For developers working with Node on server-side applications, the ES6 support for promises, arrow functions, and modules is a game-changer. ES6 keeps the simplicity and reliability you love about JavaScript, and adds the high-value professional language features you’ve been craving.


This course is suitable for developers comfortable with using client-side JavaScript or Node.js.

What you will learn

  • Use arrow functions to write functional code
  • Clean apps using modules, classes, and variable scoping
  • Master asynchronous programming with promises
  • Rebuild arrays and objects with destructuring

About the instructor

Wes Higbee is an experienced teacher and developer with two decades of JavaScript under his belt.

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