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Modern Python Cookbook
Digital Video Editing Fundamentals
iOS Development with Swift
Swift in Depth
Xamarin in Action
Getting Started with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) for Web Application Penetration Testing


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Free Modern Python Cookbook

Modern Python Cookbook Free Packt eBook by Steven F. Lott (valid through 11/23 at 19:00 EST). This book covers Python.

Publisher’s Description

The latest in modern Python recipes for the busy modern programmer

Python is the preferred choice of developers, engineers, data scientists, and hobbyists everywhere. It is a great scripting language that can power your applications and provide great speed, safety, and scalability. By exposing Python as a series of simple recipes, you can gain insight into specific language features in a particular context. Having a tangible context helps make the language or standard library feature easier to understand.

This book comes with over 100 recipes on the latest version of Python. The recipes will benefit everyone ranging from beginner to an expert. The book is broken down into 13 chapters that build from simple language concepts to more complex applications of the language.

The recipes will touch upon all the necessary Python concepts related to data structures, OOP, functional programming, as well as statistical programming. You will get acquainted with the nuances of Python syntax and how to effectively use the advantages that it offers. You will end the book equipped with the knowledge of testing, web services, and configuration and application integration tips and tricks.

The recipes take a problem-solution approach to resolve issues commonly faced by Python programmers across the globe. You will be armed with the knowledge of creating applications with flexible logging, powerful configuration, and command-line options, automated unit tests, and good documentation.

What You Will Learn

  • See the intricate details of the Python syntax and how to use it to your advantage
  • Improve your code readability through functions in Python
  • Manipulate data effectively using built-in data structures
  • Get acquainted with advanced programming techniques in Python
  • Equip yourself with functional and statistical programming features
  • Write proper tests to be sure a program works as advertised
  • Integrate application software using Python

About the Author

Steven F. Lott has been programming since the 70s, when computers were large, expensive, and rare. As a contract software developer and architect, he has worked on hundreds of projects, from very small to very large. He’s been using Python to solve business problems for over 10 years.

He’s currently leveraging Python to implement microservices and ETL pipelines. His other titles with Packt Publishing include Python Essentials, Mastering Object-Oriented Python, Functional Python Programming, and Python for Secret Agents.

Steven is currently a technomad who lives in various places on the east coast of the U.S. His technology blog is slott-softwarearchitect.blogspot.com and his LinkedIn address is https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-lott-029835.

$9.99 Digital Video Editing Fundamentals

Digital Video Editing Fundamentals $9.99 Apress eBook by Wallace Jackson. This book covers Digital Video, Video Editing, Corel Video Studio Ultimate X9, EditShare Lightworks 12.

Publisher’s Description

  • A unique compact book on digital video editing fundamentals
  • Covers digital video file formats and data footprint optimization
  • Teaches you how to build a production pipeline

Gain concepts central to digital video using the affordable Corel Video Studio Ultimate X9 software package as well as open source digital video editing package EditShare Lightworks 12. This compact visual guide builds on the essential concepts of digital imaging, audio, illustration, and painting, and gets more advanced as chapters progress, covering what digital video new media formats are best for use with Android Studio, Java and JavaFX, iOS, and HTML5.

Furthermore, Digital Video Editing Fundamentals covers the key factors of the data footprint optimization work process, streaming versus captive assets, and why these are important.

What You’ll Learn

  • Create a digital video editing and effects pipeline
  • Gain knowledge of the concepts behind digital video editing
  • Work with resolution, aspect ratio, bit rate, and color depth
  • Use pixel editing, color correction, layers, and compression
  • Optimize data footprints

Who This Book Is For

Website developers, musicians, digital signage, e-learning content creators, Android developers, and iOS developers.

About the Author

Wallace Jackson has been writing for leading multimedia publications about his work in new media content development since the advent of Multimedia Producer Magazine nearly two decades ago, when he wrote about computer processor architectures for centerfolds (removable “mini-issue” insert) distributed at SIGGRAPH. Since then, Wallace has written for several other publications about his work in interactive 3D and new media advertising campaign design, including 3D Artist, Desktop Publishers Journal, CrossMedia, AVvideo and Kiosk Magazine.

50% off iOS Development with Swift

iOS Development with Swift 50% off Manning’s eBook by Craig Grummitt. This book covers Swift 4, iOS 11, Xcode 9.

Publisher’s Description

iOS Development with Swift is a hands-on guide to creating apps for iPhone and iPad using the Swift language. Inside, you’ll be guided through every step of the process for building an app, from first idea to App Store. This book fully covers Swift 4, Xcode 9, and iOS 11.

About the technology

One billion iPhone users are waiting for the next amazing app. It’s time for you to build it! Apple’s Swift language makes iOS development easier than ever, offering modern language features, seamless integration with all iOS libraries, and the top-notch Xcode development environment. And with this book, you’ll get started fast.

About the book

iOS Development with Swift is a hands-on guide to creating iOS apps. It takes you through the experience of building an app—from idea to App Store. After setting up your dev environment, you’ll learn the basics by experimenting in Swift playgrounds. Then you’ll build a simple app layout, adding features like animations and UI widgets. Along the way, you’ll retrieve, format, and display data; interact with the camera and other device features; and touch on cloud and networking basics.

What’s inside

  • Create adaptive layouts
  • Store and manage data
  • Learn to write and debug Swift code
  • Publish to the App Store
  • Covers Swift 4, Xcode 9, and iOS 11

About the reader

Written for intermediate web or mobile developers. No prior experience with Swift assumed.

About the author

Craig Grummitt is a successful developer, instructor, and mentor. His iOS apps have had over 100,000 downloads combined!

50% off Swift in Depth

Swift in Depth 50% off Manning’s eBook by Tjeerd in ‘t Veen. This book covers Swift, IOS.

Publisher’s Description

Swift is more than just a fun language to build iOS applications with. It features a host of powerful tools that, if you know how to effectively use them, can help create even better apps with clean, crystal-clear code and awesome features. Swift in Depth is designed to help you unlock these tools and quirks and get developing next-gen apps!

About the technology

Apple’s Swift is the standard language for iOS and Mac development. It’s is a modern marvel—easy to pick up, comfortable to use, and loaded with features. After you master the basics, there’s a rich, deep world of Swift skills for delivering cleaner, faster code. This book distills the hard-won experience of seasoned Swift developer Tjeerd in ‘t Veen into a collection of high-value, hard-to-find techniques that will help set you and your Swift applications apart.

About the book

Swift in Depth builds on your core Swift language skills, introducing you to powerful techniques like using higher-order functions, generics, efficient error handling, and protocol-oriented programming. You’ll explore each new concept through concrete examples, enlightened explanations, and engaging exercises. Some of this stuff is difficult, so you’ll really appreciate the careful, crystal clear writing and precise illustrations. When you’re finished, you’ll be a more productive Swift developer, and a happier Swift developer, as well!

What’s inside

  • Adding advanced Swift features to your code
  • Writing reusable code with generics
  • Iterators, sequences, and collections
  • Protocol oriented programming

About the reader

Readers should have some prior experience with the basics of Swift.

About the author

Tjeerd in ‘t Veen is a senior software engineer and architect who builds iOS apps. Having worked together with many developers, he currently helps creating clean, scalable architectures in the mobile division of a large international banking firm.

50% off Xamarin in Action Creating native cross-platform mobile apps

Xamarin in Action 50% off Manning’s eBook by Jim Bennett. This book covers Xamarin, C#, IOS, Android, MVVM.

Publisher’s Description

Xamarin is a toolset that allows you to write native mobile apps in C# and run them on both iOS and Android devices. What makes Xamarin stand out from other cross-platform tools is that it gives you the ability to share large portions of code across these two platforms while still letting you write native apps that can take full advantage of the device and OS features specific to each platform. And since Xamarin was recently acquired by Microsoft, you can be sure the ecosystem will continue to grow - Xamarin has become a hugely important part of Microsoft’s “any developer, any platform” mantra.

Xamarin in Action teaches you how to build Xamarin apps on iOS and Android from scratch while maximizing code re-use. This layer-by-layer guide starts by showing you the MVVM design pattern and explaining how it increases code sharing. Next, you’ll start building an app from the ground up. You’ll learn all the different layers inside a well written Xamarin app and discover how most of your code can be shared between iOS and Android. You’ll look at how this code sharing can be best designed to allow unit testing of your business layer as well as your UI logic. Then you’ll dig in to code that can’t be shared, like user interface code that’s device specific. Finally, you’ll learn how to take your app from final code to a tested and deployed version on the relevant store. By the end, you’ll be able to build a high quality production-ready Xamarin app on iOS and Android from scratch with a high level of code reuse.

What’s inside

  • Understand MVVM and how it maximizes code reuse and testability
  • Build a mobile app from rough design through final deployable product
  • Creating cross platform model and UI logic layers
  • Build device specific UIs for iOS and Android
  • Test apps through unit and automated UI testing
  • Prepare apps for publication with user tracking and crash analytics

About the reader

This book is for C# developers with a few months through many years of experience who want to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android using the language and toolset they already know.

About the author

Jim Bennett is a Xamarin MVP, Microsoft MVP, Xamarin Certified Developer and an active community member. He’s also a frequent speaker at events all around the world, including Xamarin user groups and Xamarin and Microsoft conferences. He regularly blogs about Xamarin development at https://jimbobbennett.io.

Free Getting Started with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) for Web Application Penetration Testing

Getting Started with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) for Web Application Penetration Testing Free Pluralsight course (one week) by Mike Woolard. This course covers Zed Attack Proxy, Penetration Testing, OWASP, Web Application Security.

Publisher’s Description

The OWASP Zed Attack Proxy is an open source way of testing your web applications manually. This course walks through the basic functions of ZAP, giving you a look at ways this tool makes taking advantage of web application vulnerabilities possible.

This is a starter course for those jumping into the world of web application security. ZAP is the byproduct of an open source OWASP community project and is used by everyone from those starting out in security, to QA testers, and to professional penetration testers alike. In this course, Getting Started with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) for Web Application Penetration Testing, you’ll learn the process to run your application through a series of tests.

First, you’ll start by learning the interface and understanding how ZAP works with the browser. Next, you’ll discover how to prepare your environment as you setup for the attack. Then, you’ll get walked through some of the manual and automated function of the tool. Finally, you’ll explore how to report on what you found. By the end of this course, you’ll get the knowledge to have the confidence to be able to step through an application, and find some opportunities to strengthen the security posture of the software.

About the Author

Mike Woolard is an information security manager who has worked in the IT field for 17+ years. A broad background from helpdesk to sysadmin, system engineer, networking, DB and development work. Most of Mike’s work now centers around pentests and risk assessments, but an integral part will always be awareness training. An active member in various local security groups, Mike volunteers, speaks, or attends various information security cons.

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